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Principles of pharmacology.Therapeutic equivalence
Principles of pharmacology.Site of drug action
Principles of pharmacology.Pharmacognosy
Principles of pharmacology.Patient safety and compliance
Principles of pharmacology.Absorption of medications
Pharmacology and the healthcare process.Planning
Pharmacology and the healthcare process.Implementation
Pharmacology and the healthcare process.Evaluation
Pharmacology and the healthcare process.Diagnosis
Pharmacology and the healthcare process.Assessment
Pharmacokinetics : what the body does to a drug.Pharmacokinetics concepts
Pharmacokinetics : what the body does to a drug.Definition of pharmacokinetics
Pharmacokinetics : what the body does to a drug.Absorption
Pharisees and Sadducees
Phantom carriage
PG&E atomic energy commercial
Peynandose estava un olmo
Petrified forests of Arizona
Peter Thiel pays me not to go to college :Friedman
Peter Paul Rubens :The Garden of Love
Peter Paul Rubens
Peter Gomes
Peter Finer Antique Guns
Peter Coors lecture :family businesses.Miller-Coors Partnership
Peter Coors lecture :family businesses.Core company values at Coors
Peter Brook :Conversations About Theater
Pet subjects - dog bark
Persuade me
Person-centred counselling session
Personal Presentation Strategy Series
Personal Assistants
Personal & Possessive Pronouns
Persia's Book of Kings
Persians and Greeks
Permission to eat for energy
Peripheral artery treatment
Perinatal pathology
Perimeter of a Rectangle
Performing the score
Performing Olympic-style lifts
Performing a monologue :gestures
Performance Review :Every Managers Nightmare
Performance Matters :The Importance Of Praise
Performance appraisals.Clip no. 8
Performance appraisals.Clip no. 7
Performance appraisals.Clip no. 5
Performance Anxiety
Perfect Understanding
Perfect storm dragging down oil prices
Perfect embryo
Perfect cuppa
Perfect compost :a master class with Peter Proctor
Perfect Compost :A Master Class With Peter Proctor
Perfect compost
Perempuan 'girli' =The woman from riverside
Pere Gimferrer
People who live on a great plain :a film lesson in world geography
People who harness the power of the sun
People to people
People Skills :Coaching on the Job
People Skills :Being Assertive
People of the Toga: Etruscans, Early Rome
People in the news.Keystone Cops reunion
People first :serving and employing people with disabilities
Penshurst Place
Pennsylvania - a message from industry to you - Texas - Ohio - North Carolina
Penguin wave
Pen and Ink Techniques
Pen and Brush Techniques
Pema Chodron
Peking Opera
Pediatrics of the Future
Pedal Point
Peasant Revolt and the Abolition of Feudalism
Pearls of wisdom
Pearl Islands
Peak phosphorus
Peak performances :sports and the mind
Peak oil?
Peacock spider
PE expansion driving S&P 500 to records :Mullaney
Wynton Marsalis, extended interview, 2011
Wall street firms paying up, December 20, 2002
Wall street ethics, May 21, 2002
Wall street ethics, February 27, 2002
Taylor Branch - 'Pillar of fire: America in the King years, 1963-1965' (Feb. 2, 1998)
Sonny Rollins, extended interview, 2011
Rosanne Cash lists influences, including famous father's, in new memoir, August 17, 2010
Remembering Timothy Leary
Remembering Rosa Parks (Oct. 25, 2005)
Opening doors and minds (Sept. 25, 1997)
No insurance? On Borneo, this clinic accepts manure, October 28, 2009
New York divided :slavery, the civil war, and king cotton (Jan. 25, 2007)
Microlending makes jump to developed world, funding small U.S. entrepreneurs, September 13, 2012
Investors help bring sanitation to Kenya's poor, April 14, 2010
For Ben Folds, an orchestral backing makes perfect sense, October 28, 2009
FDIC's Sheila Bair, bank bailouts were 'not a good idea', November 13, 2009
Elvis Costello, extended interview, 2009
Civil rights historians discuss Martin Luther King Jr. (Book conversation) (Jan. 17, 2005)
Civil rights activist, historian discusses new autobiography (John Hope Franklin) (June 15, 2006)
Charlayne Hunter-Gault :remembering Dr. Hamilton Holmes (Nov. 1, 1995)
Born or made?
Ben Folds, extended interview, 2009
Author examines the black migration from the Jim Crow south (Sept. 23, 2010)
Accounting alchemy, January 22, 2002
A 'dream' remembered (August 28, 2003)
50 years of military integration (July 31, 1998)
[Interview with Cleveland Sellers and Bakari Sellers] :[(50th anniv. of March on Washington) : (2013)]
Paypal buddies with Discover network
Paying the Price.Part 3
Pay Attention :National Geographic Television & Film
Paxton cigarettes
Paving America
Paul's Letters to a Community in Conflict
Pauline Kael
Paula Modersohn-Becker
Paula Deen's rise and fall :will she bounce back?
Paul von Hindenburg Defeats Adolf Hitler ca. 1932
Paul Polman interview :Unilever.Leadership means making others successful
Paul Polman interview :Unilever.Challenges from counterfeit consumer goods
Paul Nash :Landscape from a Dream
Paul Kedrosky on Facebook :search 'iNSA nely valuable'
Patterson :utility companies can recover expenses
Patriot generals
Patrick Meyers lecture :Quizno's.Franchising and managing growth
Patrick Meyers lecture :Quizno's.Challenges Quizno's faces in international growth
Patrice Lumumba Becomes the First President of the Congo ca. 1960
Patient safety :a critical issue
The Right To Be Informed
Right To Personal Property
Right To Personal Privacy
Right To Make Decisions
Right To Freedom From Abuse And Restraint
Right To Association And Communication
Patient Rights
Patient Assessment and Monitoring
Patent challenges in pharmaceuticals
Patagonia, the colors of a conflict
Pat Robertson's University :historian Marilyn B. Young
Pasteurizing milk and meat packing
Passive Solar and Net-Zero-Energy Homes
Passion of Joan of Arc
Passion for service excellence
Passion for Service Excellence
Passing Girl: Riverside An Essay On Camera Work
Equador :Charles e Carlos
Equador :na metade
Venezuela :a virgem e a rainha
o venerável
Venezuela :o socialismo não morreu
lá embaixo
Bolívia :no ar rarefeito
Argentina :onde o vento faz a curva
Argentina :o Gauchito
Argentina :difunta e defuntos
Argentina :bom para Gardel
o tambor do país
Guatemala :o senhor de Esquipulas
Guatemala :esperando Rigoberta
Guatemala :aqui jaz um império
El Salvador :a terra treme
El Salvador :campo de sonhos
El Salvador :aqui existe um país
tão longe
Panamá :vou beijar-te agora
Panamá :o canal
Costa Rica :o Havaí não é aqui
Costa Rica :limón com banana
Costa Rica :boca de urna
Costa Rica :pura vida
amoras e futebol
Paraguai :o Aquidabán
Paraguai :pátria das sandálias
Honduras :garífuna soul
Honduras :um país poesible
Nicarágua :resquícios da revolução
Nicarágua :o sonho de Sandino
Especial :América Latina
Peru :a recíproca é verdadeira
Peru :recortes diários
Colômbia :olho mágico
Colômbia :comunidade de paz
Colômbia :vozes do seqüestro
Chile :o resto é silêncio
cobre e vinho
Chile :beleza e barbárie
Chile :mulheres à  espera
México :assim é Morélia
México :do lado de cá do muro
México :se o meu "vocho" falasse
República Dominicana :os dominicanos saem
Equador :onde nascem os craques
Party Locusts
Partners in freedom
Particle Accelerators and Detectors
Partial Derivatives in Two Variables
Part 4 Unintended Consequences
Part 3 Turning The Tide
The Spanish Civil War Part 3
The Plastic Fantastic Brain: Part 2
Journey to Fire Mountain: Part 2
Life in the Freezer Cabinet: Part 2
The Dirt on Hotels: Part 2
The Great Indian Railway: Part 2
Parrot talk
Parotid tumor surgery
Parks Monitor Noise to Protect Nature, Environment
Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson's Disease
Park Shanghai
Parents & children
Parenting with Balance
Parameter Passing, Scope, and Mutable Data
Parallel universes
Parallel Computing Is Here
Paraguay :Soya and Pesticides
Paraffin Treatments Collection
Paradise lost
Paradigm Effect
Paradigm and Paragon-Imperial Roman Baths
Parade of "exempt" firemen
Parachuting :moving bodies with constant mass
Par le trou de la serrure
Paperman's paper - ink, inc. - use and discard - a message from industry to you
Paper Trail: The Life and Times of a Woodchip
Panoramic view of Electric Tower from a balloon
Panorama.Dead mums don't cry
Panorama of Blackwell's Island, N.Y
Panic has pulled funds from emerging markets :Daly
Panic Disorders and Agoraphobia
Panic disorder and agoraphobia
Panel With David Hilliard, Elaine Brown, Ericka Huggins, And Fredrika Newton At University Of Mexico Continued
Pandit speaks :decision to leave Citi was my own
Panama Canal
Palm Beach law
Pakistan, the Karakoram Highway
Pakistan :The Polio Emergency
Pakistan :The Enemy Within
Pakistan :Microlending Program Aids Women in Poverty
Pajarillo, Pajarillo :improvisation