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The WPA Film Library] :The Korean War, 1953
The WPA Film Library] :UN Troops During the Korean War, 1951
The WPA Film Library] :The Benefits of Television Advertising, ca. 1950
The WPA Film Library] :United Nations Debate on Korea, 1950
The WPA Film Library] :Hollywood Stars Interviewed, 1947
The WPA Film Library] :Jewish New Year at the Wailing Wall, 1946
The WPA Film Library] :President von Hindenburg's Funeral, 1934
The WPA Film Library] :High Speed Train, 1931
The WPA Film Library.Part 5] :Ford Motor Company, 1923
The WPA Film Library.Part 4] :Ford Motor Company, 1923
The WPA Film Library.Part 2] :Ford Motor Company, 1923
The WPA Film Library] :Automobile Factory, ca. 1920
The WPA Film Library] :World War I - Salonika, ca. 1917
Money and Speed] :Inside the Flash Crash
American Soldiers of WWII]
Bridgehead at the Rhine]
Breakout from Normandy]
The Bombing of Japan]
Battle of the Gothic Line]
Battle of The Atlantic]
A&E Classroom.The Class of the 20th Century - 1970-1976]
A&E Classroom.The Class of the 20th Century - 1940-1945]
The Job Application Process]
Universal Newsreels] :First Pictures --Soviets Hail Space Hero (04
Universal Newsreels] :U.S. Fires Biggest A-Bomb (07
Richard M. Nixon] :in his own words
Ronald Reagan Challenges Mikhail Gorbachev to Tear Down the Berlin Wall ca. 1987
John Dean Gives Testimony at the Watergate Hearings ca. 1973
Migrant Workers Harvest Vegetables ca. 1960s
Sandinistas Lead Revolution in Nicaragua ca. 1980s
Barbara Jordan Speaks During the Opening Statements of Nixon Impeachment Hearings ca. 1974
A literary journey to Avila and Alcala de Henares]
A literary journey to Valladolid and Salamanca]
A literary journey to San Millan de la Cogolla and Santo Domingo de Silos]
Epidural Techniques in Childbirth
Emile Zola]
Bivariate data] :when y depends on x
Managing the Famine]
J.S. Bach] :The Christmas Oratorio
The power of ideas
War on the West
The days of terror
The Maya collapse
Terror international
Knute Rockne :the man and the legend
Babe Ruth :that ever livin' babe
Al Smith :the man from oliver street
Edison tech
Grand Coulee Dam
The fighters
Houston L. Flournoy campaign commercial
A paid political announcement paid for by Citizens for Eisenhower
Eisenhower-Nixon campaign commercial :I like Ike
Eisenhower-Nixon campaign commercial :thinking of me
U.S. Air Force commercial featuring Dick Williams
Fire at the mine
Sign the petition, keep TV free
Yellow pages commercial
K.N.B.C. commercial featuring Tom Brokaw
PG&E commercial :Reddy Kilowatt
Live better electrically
Long distance rates
Area code 603
Area code 314
The factory :how a product is made
Great Western Savings commercial :John Wayne on a horse
Great Western Savings commercial :campsite
Great Western Savings commercial :sutter's mill
American Express commercial featuring Mel Blanc
Bank of America commercial
Shearson Hamill commercial
Dreyfus Fund commercial
Keep America beautiful public service announcement
Ducks Unlimited fundraiser public service announcement
Big Brothers public service announcement
Television code public service announcement
You are not alone
March of Dimes public service announcement featuring Mark Hamill
American Cancer Society public service announcement
Christmas Seals featuring John Wayne
VD is for everybody
Now we've got to pay for it
Guide to federal consumer services public service announcment
Johnny smoke
Drunk drivers go to jail :public service announcement
Night driving public service announcement
Anti-drug public service announcement featuring Clint Eastwood
Drunk driving public service announcement
Theodore Roosevelt
This is Korea
Army 6
Army 4
Army 2
Army 1
This is Fort Monmouth
The unseen weapon (CBR)
You and yours - American Red Cross
You in Japan
Letter from the Mohave
Vision USA
Eisenhower quote campaign ad for Kennedy
Song campaign ad for Kennedy
Campaign ad for Nixon
Campaign ad for Nixon
Russian relations campaign ad for Nixon
The way west :how the West was lost & won 1845-1893
Pictorial report.Number 18
Hawaiian defense
Army in action - the finest tradition
Broken bridge
Lyndon B. Johnson inauguration, full footage, January 20, 1965
Boys town, U.S.A
Major Alexander P. de Seversky
John F. Kennedy inauguration, January 20, 1961
Harry S. Truman inauguration, January 20, 1949
Dwight D. Eisenhower inauguration, January 20, 1953
Creating more satisfying lives :a live demonstration of Happenstance career theory
Reality therapy and AIDS
White identity theory :origins and prospects
Transcontinental railroad
Counseling the anti-social client :working with resistance and denial
Measuring weight and height for medical assistants.How to measure body mass index
Caribbean eye.Footage from Dominica 2 (MarpinTV)
Triumphs :achievements of Caribbean women.Rookmin Ramkissoon, cane cutter, Trinidad
Triumphs :achievements of Caribbean women.Desrey Fox, Amerindian researcher, Guyana
Bele feast tape 4
C.L.R. James Funeral Celebration of a Life Coffin arrives at airport.Tape 1
For the rights of all :ending Jim Crow in Alaska
Anything is Possible :a poem by Michael, brother of Kaitlyn
3rd Son, Forth Brother
Seeing Red Cars.It's Never Too Late to Change
Seeing Red Cars.Creating a Mindset for Change With Seeing Red Cars
[Circo].[Calexico on the 'Circo' Score]
Circo.The making of Circo
The Thorn in the Heart :Calendars Doodled
Frontrunners.Mike :Revolutionary Pamphlet
Frontrunners.George :Last Day of School
Frontrunners.George's Lounge
Frontrunners.George :Gathering Signatures
Frontrunners.Politicks and Press :Jon the Pundit
Frontrunners.Hannah :Self Assessment
No Limits.Season 8, episode 1,Media
Artist and Influence.Wren T. Brown, Actor and Director, interviewed by Peter Andrews
Higher Ground :The Dedication of Direct Support Professionals During and After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
60 minutes.DARPA Dan
Sunday morning.Top secret
60 Minutes.The Secretary of State
Sunday Morning.If Only ..
Sunday morning.He's lovin' it
Sunday Morning.All The President's Men
Sunday Morning.Crime & Punishment
60 Minutes.The Image War
Artist and Influence.Terrence Spivey, Artistic Director of Karamu House, interviewed by Woodie King Jr
Artist and Influence.Sonia Sanchez, Playwright & Poet, interviewed by Afaa Michael Weaver
Artist and Influence.Whitney LeBlanc, TV
Artist and Influence.Earle Hyman, Actor, interviewed by Jim Hatch
Artist and Influence.Paul Carter Harrison, Playwright & Director, interviewed by Talvin Wilks
Artist and Influence.Rosa Guy, Author, interviewed by Louise Meriwether
Artist and Influence.Micki Grant, Composer, Playwright, & Actress, interviewed by Woodie King Jr
Artist and Influence.P.J. Gibson, Playwright, interviewed by Joan Hepburn and Woodie King Jr
Artist and Influence.Thulani Davis, Author, interviewed by Angela Ards
Artist and Influence.Clinton Turner Davis, interviewed by Michael Dinwiddie
Speech By Melvin Newton And David Hilliard At Peralta Community College During Dedication Of College's Lobby
Black Panthers 101
[Black Panther Legacy Tour]
Funeral of Dr. Huey P. Newton (?)
60 minutes.The sage of St Anthony
60 minutes.The road to the White House.Part three
60 minutes.The road to the White House.Part one
60 minutes.The pledge
Sunday morning.Sunday profile :Bradley Cooper
Sunday morning.The envelope please
Sunday morning.Sunday profile :opposites attract
Sunday morning.Sunday profile :Madam Secretary
Theodore Roosevelt :various clips
Woodrow Wilson :various clips
Video recording of President William Jefferson Clinton delivering his 1995 State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress at the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C
Video recording of President William Jefferson Clinton delivering his 1994 State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress at the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C
Sunday morning.Power in numbers
Sunday morning.Sunday profile :Michael Keaton
60 Minutes.Obamacare
60 Minutes.Vice President Biden
Video recording of President William Jefferson Clinton participating in a debate with Robert Dole in Hartford, Connecticut
The final days
Millennium evenings at the White House.[Episode] 7.The perils of indifference :lessons from a violent century
Millennium evenings at the White House.[Episode] 1.The living past :commitments for the future
60 minutes.3 million open jobs
60 minutes.McLibel
60 minutes.Go get 'em
60 minutes.Baku
Video recording of President William Jefferson Clinton's final televised address to the nation
The funeral service of President Richard Nixon at the Nixon Presidential Library & Birthplace in Yorba Linda, California
Video recording of President William Jefferson Clinton speaking at the 1996 Democratic National Convention
Video recording of President William Jefferson Clinton signing the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in the Trusteeship Council Room of the United Nations
Remarks to Task Force Falcon troops at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo
President Obama meets with Emma Didlake
Pres. Roosevelt's fourth of July oration
Thurgood Marshall Nominated to Supreme Court
[Louis Farrakhan] :[eulogy of Rep. Julia Carson]
60 minutes.Toxic town
60 minutes.The Boy Scouts
60 minutes.Scott Brown :against all odds
Vision :aus dem Leben der Hildegard von Bingen
Onesh Subasinghe :Opex Holdings
Effects of acid rain in Scotland
The stage fight director :a look behind the scenes
Energy compilation.Solar power
Shot in the excitement [with commentary]
The great toe mystery [with commentary]
The manicure lady [with commentary]
Tony Brown's Journal.[Can Schools Do The Job?]
Tony Brown's Journal.The Debate That Won't Take Place
Tony Brown's Journal.Anita Hill And Clarence Thomas :The Other Side
Tony Brown's Journal.[What Is the Problem Between Blacks and the GOP?]
60 minutes.How many miles to the gallon? [mileage]
Roy Innis, Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) addresses the NAACP, Q & A with Roy Wilkins
60 minutes.Howard Buffett
60 minutes.August Wilson
60 minutes.Al Gore [2002]
60 minutes.Wal-Mart
60 minutes.Mubarak of Egypt
60 minutes.The pledge
60 minutes.The memorial
60 minutes.Genetic secrets
60 minutes.Joel Osteen
60 minutes.The lawyer & the biker
60 minutes.The black list
60 minutes.Rooney :the New York International Auto Show
60 minutes.Rooney :New Orleans
60 minutes.Clean rooms
60 minutes.Ariel Sharon
Depth Perception of Light- and Dark-reared Kittens
Cats Developmental Age 20 Days 1
Videofashion daily.Vol. 5, Episode 30,Best of Europe wrap-up
Randy Garutti lecture :Shake Shack.Acting small as you get big
Irene Rosenfeld lecture :Kraft Foods, Inc.Changing rewards systems and increasing accountability
Nikki Daruwala lecture :American Rights at Work (ARAW).Thoughts on employee rights for union representation
PBS NewsHour.Conversation :Vernon Jordon : 'Vernon can read' (Nov. 26, 2001)
Ralph Ellison :an American journey
The Design and Application of the Mammography X-Ray Machine.Part 2
The Design and Application of the Mammography X-Ray Machine.Part 1
Spatial Localization 1 :Frequency Encoding
MR Artifacts