Faculty and Academic Staff Development and Support

The University’s greatest strength in the area of support for research and teaching is the Faculty Development Center, which provides assistance for faculty research and teaching.

The Faculty Development Center includes:

  • The faculty-governed Faculty Development Fund, which is unique to the campus and reflects a long-term commitment (since 1974) to supporting faculty as teacher-scholars.
  • Assistance with the design and development of research projects and identification of appropriate sources of extramural grant support. From a practical perspective, the office will aid in the preparation and submission of extramural grants and post-award management of funded grants.
  • Research Administration: The center is responsible for management of the Institutional Review Board for protection of human subjects in research. In addition, the center administers the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and the Laboratory Safety Team. The center monitors the federal regulatory climate and recommends policies, practices and procedures to ensure institutional compliance with regulations pertaining to research and grants.
  • Federal Relations: The office actively monitors the legislative climate for potential opportunities for faculty and institutional support.
  • Oshkosh Student Scholarly and Creative Activities Program: The center manages both the graduate and undergraduate Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Grant programs, as well as the undergraduate small grants. Other support for student research includes the annual Celebration of Scholarship, where students present posters and papers about their research and other scholarship; the Oshkosh Scholar undergraduate research journal (since 2006); support for student participation in the UW System Undergraduate Research Symposium, the UW System Posters in the Rotunda event, and the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR). An 11 member Faculty Senate and Academic Staff Senate appointed board is working to improve and expand undergraduate research opportunities across the campus.

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