Facilities Master Plan

The Facilities Plan summarizes various facilities planning documents into one concise reference for use by senior campus administration. The relevant supporting documents include the Campus Master Plan, the Campus Development Plan, the Long Range Maintenance Plan, the Campus Parking Plan, the Residence Life Master Plan and the Space Use Plan.

During 2012-13, the Facilities Management Department continued a multi- year capital improvements program in which the department managed $28 million dollars’ worth of work in design and $38 million dollars in construction.  Significant projects include the renovation of Lincoln Hall, the renovation of Clow/Nursing Education buildings, demolition of the River Center, and the development of a new Alumni Welcome and Conference Center.

A challenging portfolio of projects awaits in the upcoming year.  Construction work will wrap up on the new Alumni Welcome and Conference Center and the renovated Lincoln Hall facilities.  Faculty and staff will be moved into these new facilities and they will begin to operate and provide services to the campus. Design and construction of the Intramural Recreation Complex is scheduled to occur in the next fiscal year.  Finally, the design process will wrap up and the Clow Social Sciences renovation project will transition to the construction phase of work.

All of these projects will continue the transformation of the physical environment of the campus into a vibrant, engaging “great, good place”.


Key accomplishments for the 2012-13 academic year include the following:

  • Finished the design and began construction of the $12 M, 21,000 g.s.f. Alumni Welcome and Conference Center.  This LEED Gold facility will house Conference Services and the Development Office.
  • Finished the design and began construction of the $5 M Lincoln Hall renovation project.  Upon completion in 2014, this facility will house the Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement program and the Childcare program.
  • Performed demolition of the River Center facility in anticipation of redevelopment of the site as an outdoor recreation complex.
  • Replaced the cooling towers at the Central Chiller Plant ($1.2M)
  • Performed parking lot construction/renovations to lots near the Kolf Physical Education Complex and Reeve Union totaling $1.2 M.  The work included the development of a pedestrian walkway connecting Reeve Union to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.
  • Replaced steam and condensate lines near the Parking Ramp at High and Osceola Street ($1.5M).
  • Installed digital signage at the Kolf Physical Education Complex and the Arts and Communication Building.
  • Began design on a $28M renovation and addition to the Clow Social Science Building and Faculty Tower.


Goals for the 2013-14 academic year include the following:

  • Finish construction and move occupants into the new Alumni Welcome and Conference Center and the renovated Lincoln Hall facilities.
  • Renovate spaces in the Polk Library, Dempsey Hall, and Swart Hall to provide temporary office spaces for faculty and staff that must vacate the Clow Social Science Complex in anticipation of renovation of that facility.
  • Finish the design of the Clow Social Science Complex Renovation and proceed to the bidding/construction phase of work.
  • Construct a 1.4 Megawatt Bio-Digester and place into operation.
  • Construct the Recreation Complex (RecPlex) on the site of the former River Center.  This facility will provide outdoor recreation space for students and will include a dome that will allow use of the space during winter months.
  • Begin the design process for a $18.6M renovation of Fletcher Hall.
  • Begin the design process for a $7.6M renovation of Reeve Union.
  • Design and construct new parking lot to serve the Lincoln Hall.
  • Renovate the Buckstaff Planetarium.
  • Begin a full Campus Master Planning effort.
  • Continue to implement grounds improvement projects as outlined in the maintenance plan.
  • Perform energy efficiency renovations to various campus facilities as part of an energy performance contract.
  • Perform small renovation projects in the Residence Halls as directed by Residence Life.