Research opportunities allow faculty and academic staff to grow professionally. Such opportunities, in turn, benefit UW Oshkosh students by improving the quality of their academic experiences and by providing opportunities for faculty-student collaborative research.


Key initiatives for the Office of Grants and Faculty Development during 2012-2013 include:

  •  Help UW Oshkosh faculty and staff locate, propose, submit and administer extramural funding. The two largest grants received in 2012-2013 were:

Catherine Arentsen, $4,060,086, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (sponsor), Federal Head Start Continuation Grant

Renee Rickert, $544,497, Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (sponsor), Workforce Development/W2 Training

  • Increase our compliance activities. We have increased our oversight in the following areas of research compliance as mandated by federal regulations: animal care and use program, human research protections program, laboratory safety, and financial conflicts of interest in federal research. Post-approval monitoring activities of research projects were implemented as well as increased training with the use of the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program. The Animal Care and Use Program has continued full AAALAC International accreditation.
  • Publish the seventh volume of Oshkosh Scholar and begin work on the eighth volume. The seventh volume was our largest so far based on a record-breaking 34 scholarly papers that were submitted.
  • Increase faculty scholarship recognition. We published the second issue of Endeavors magazine and held the second annual University Scholarship Recognition Luncheon.
  • ·      Strengthen our undergraduate research program. We participated in a UW System initiative to institutionalize undergraduate research. In addition, we sent two Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) councilors to a CUR annual business meeting and one academic staff to the CUR undergraduate research conference (both the meeting and conference were held at Chapman University in Orange, California, in June 2013). We also strengthened our undergraduate research program through securing Differential Tuition funding of $12,600 to increase the student stipend for 10 Undergraduate Student/Faculty Collaborative Research grants as well as the supplies budgets. This Differential Tuition funding also enabled us to fund an additional two Undergraduate Student/Faculty Collaborative Research grants during the 2012-2013 cycle.


Here are some examples of faculty-student collaboration:

  • Eighteen scholarly papers were submitted to Oshkosh Scholar, the UW Oshkosh undergraduate research journal. Dr. Michelle Kuhl (History and Oshkosh Scholar faculty adviser) and Susan Surendonk (Oshkosh Scholar managing editor) met with all student authors and their faculty advisers to fine-tune their submissions. The journal is truly a collaborative undertaking as student authors work with both their faculty advisers and the Oshkosh Scholar editorial team (Dr. Kuhl, Susan Surendonk, and student editors) to produce polished scholarly research.
  • Students who present at the annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research event have collaborated with their faculty advisers. The event was held at UW-La Crosse on April 11-13, 2013. The following UW Oshkosh students presented:
  • Molly Anderson (Stephen Kercher, History), For the Sake of the Children: How the John Birch Society changed a High School Library and the Nation
  • Steven Bartel (Nadejda Kaltcheva, Physics and Astronomy), Improved Distance Estimates to Galactic H II Regions
  • Ross Bartelt (Stephen Kercher, History), In the Heat of His Sights: Norman Jewison, Social Change and Film of the 1960s
  • Abigail Brooks and Matthew Bohr (Courtney Kurtz, Biology and Microbiology), Modulation of STAT Protein Expression in the Lungs of Hibernating Ground Squirrels
  • Timothy Conard and Vincent Fabbri (Nadejda Kaltcheva, Physics and Astronomy), Cepheus Star-Forming Field
  • John Dewitt (Ken Price, Mathematics), Gradings of a Tournament Directed Graph and a Mathematical Puzzle
  • Shannon Fehrenbach (Patrick Bahls, Mathematics), Realizable Sets of Omitted Cycle Lengths in Hamiltonian Graphs
  • Carie Gauthier (Samantha Looker, English), Metaphors for Writing in Experienced and Inexperienced Writers
  • Kelly Genskow (Lauren Waters, Chemistry), The Escherichia coli Small Protein MntS and its Role in Manganese Homeostasis
  • Nathan Koenecke (Steven Winters, Mathematics), A Variation of the Instant Insanity Problem
  • Krista Kroeninger (Jennifer Wenner, Geology), The Geochemical Story of the Basalts of Bogard Buttes
  • Ashley Leonardelli (Erin Winterrowd, Psychology), Applicability of Existing Screening Tools to LGBTQ Victims of Intimate Partner Violence
  • Martin Meder (Marianne Johnson, Economics), The Effects of Aquatic Invasive Species on Lakefront Property Prices
  • Tammy Nisbet and Kendra Borski (Sabrina Mueller-Spitz, Biology and Microbiology), Comparative Genomics of a Diverse Collection of Freshwater Bacteria
  • David M. Rice (Stephen Kercher, History), Lloyd Barbee: Wisconsin’s Civil Rights Leader from Memphis
  • Trevor Sires (Jennifer Schuttlefield, Chemistry), The Impact of Ammonium Nitrate on the Photoactivity of Bismuth
  • Lance Spaude (Stephen Kercher, History), Death of an Organizational Man: An Advertiser’s Resistance to the FTC and the Creative Revolution in Advertising in the 1960s
  • Gorman Stock (Jonathan Gutow, Chemistry), An Investigation of Human Glutathione Reductase Inhibition Via ab initio Computations
  • Erica Vander Mause (James Paulson, Chemistry), Induction of Premature Chromosome Condensation without Histone H1 Phosphorylation
  • Anna Wright (Paul Klemp and Stephen McCabe, English), Outside the Town of Malbork & Kidbits(two presentations)
  • Ryan Bures and Benjamin Sajdak (Dana Merriman, Biology and Microbiology), Muted Glial Cell Response in 13-Lined Ground Squirrel to Optic Nerve Crush
  • Jaime Antonio Castillo, Sitha Thor and Garrett Heiman (Teri Shors, Biology and Microbiology), Examining the Antimicrobial Properties in Punica granatum Aril Extract
  • Papa Fall (Alfred Kisubi, COEHS), African Students’ Experience of Academic Life in U.S. Public Universities

Students who present at the annual Posters in the Rotunda event have collaborated with their faculty advisers. The event was held in Madison on April 17, 2013. The following UW Oshkosh students presented:

  • Sitha Thor and Jaime Antonio Castillo (Teri Shors, Biology and Microbiology), Tshuaj Ntsuab –”Green Medicine”, A Part of Hmong Healing Practices for Centuries
  • Ross Bartelt (Stephen Kercher, History), In the Heat of His Sights: Norman Jewison, Social Change and Film of the 1960s
  • Taylor Waring (Marguerite Helmers, English), Octavio Paz: A Space that Evaporates
  • Gregory Schultz (Heike Alberts, Geography and Urban Planning), Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican and Caribbean Ballgames: An Example of Cultural Diffusion

The UW Oshkosh Student/Faculty Collaborative Research program annually awards stipends with supplies/expenses allowances to both undergraduate and graduate students who are collaborating with faculty advisers. The following students and their faculty advisers were recipients of the 2013-2014 Student/Faculty Collaborative Research awards, which were rewarded during 2012-2013:

  • Ashley Leonardelli (Erin Winterrowd, Psychology), Assessing Heterosexism in IPV Screening Tools
  • Thomas Gehrman and Kevin Moran (Nadejda Kaltcheva, Physics and Astronomy), Precision Photometry Study of the Double Cluster h and χ Per

Graduate Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Awards ($3,000 Stipend and $500 Supplies/Expenses)

  • Carol Hollar-Zwick (Marguerite Helmers, English), Persuaded to Prepare: Documents from a Cold War Fallout Shelter
  • Cheri Stoffel (Anna Filipova, Public Administration), An Assessment of University Students’ Binge Eating and Its Impact on Work and School Productivity
  • Elizabeth Weir (Courtney Kurtz, Biology and Microbiology), FoxP3 Expression in the Gastrointestinal Tract of Hibernators
  • Michael Louison (Robert Stelzer, Biology and Microbiology), The Influence of Food Availability, Habitat, and Hydrology on the Use of Headwater Streams by Fishes
  • Steven Rose (Dr. Sabrina Mueller-Spitz, Biology and Microbiology), The Impact of Long-term Stationary Phase on Metal Nanoparticle Toxicity in the Environmental Bacterium Cupriavidus necator JMP134

Pat J. Koll Graduate Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Award ($3,000 Stipend and $500 Supplies/Expenses)

  • Alexandra Koll (Susan McFadden, Psychology), Low-Income Elders’ Visions of How Their Communities Can be Age- and Dementia-Friendly

Undergraduate Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Awards ($3,000 Stipend & $550 Supplies/Expenses)

  • Kimberly Barth (David Furcy, Computer Science), Generating Fractals Using Algorithmic Self-Assembly
  • Eric Boll (David Penniston, Mathematics), Arithmetic of Restricted Partition Functions
  • Kelly Buechel (Edwin Jager, Art), Creating the Books of Tomorrow
  • Ryan Conklin (Dana Merriman, Biology and Microbiology), Seasonal Mitochondrial Activity in the Brain and Eye of an Obligate Hibernator
  • Ryan Fochs (Dr. Stephanie Spehar, Anthropology), The Function of the Male Red Langur Long Call
  • Garrett Heiman (Eric Matson, Biology and Microbiology), Isolation and Characterization of Methanogenic Archaea
  • Katarena Hubbart (Susan McFadden, Psychology), Dementia Awareness, Concerns, and Frailty of Low Income, Community-Dwelling Elders
  • Quin Lenz (Jennifer Wenner, Geology) Using Olivine-Hosted Spinels to Determine the Heterogenity of the Mantle Beneath the Southern Cascades
  • Jordan Lubbers (Chad Deering and Eric Hiatt, Geology), Conditions of Mineral Deposition Related to Super-Eruptions
  • Jaclynn Morrow (Stephanie de Montigny, Anthropology, and Michelle Kuhl, History), All Eyes on Hurston
  • Fauzia Osman (Teri Shors, Biology and Microbiology), Antibacterial Activity of Hmong Medicinal Plants
  • Leah Tanner (Laura Jean Baker, English), Those Vanished
  • Karen Thompson (Jennifer Considine, Communication), Healthcare Communication: An Evaluation of Written Handouts at Routine Pediatric Visits
  • Erica Vander Mause (James Paulson, Chemistry), Factors Involved in Chromosome Condensation
  • Taylor Waring (Marguerite Helmers, English), Painting the Bomb: Understanding the 1945 Atomics Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki through Art
  • Kristie Wirth (Erin Winterrowd, Psychology), Reducing Homophobia through Simple Interventions
  • Pearl Wright (Kathleen Corley, Religious Studies), Dying and Rising Gods
  • Anna Yarish (Stephen Kercher, History), Hollywood’s “Script Girls” After World War Two


The UW Oshkosh Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Small Grants program periodically awards supplies/expenses allowances to undergraduate students who are collaborating with faculty advisers. The following students and their faculty advisers were recipients of small grants during 2012-2013:

Undergraduate Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Small Grants Awards ($550 Supplies/Expenses)

  • Robert Brooks (Courtney Kurtz, Biology and Microbiology), Quantification of T-Cell Co-Receptors in the Intestine of Hibernating Ground Squirrels
  • Brandon Brummeyer (Toivo Kallas, Biology and Microbiology), An Engineered Consortium of Cyanobacteria for Efficient Isoprene Synthesis
  • Paige Courtney (Mark Bowen, Geography), Linking Changes in Climate to Changes in Sedimentation Patterns Within Playa Wetlands
  • Matthew Hiebing (Jennifer Wenner, Geology), Electron Microprobe Study of Intraflow Variations in Basalts Exposed in the Poison Lake Chain, Lassen Volcanic Center, California
  • Natalie Murray (Chad Deering, Geology), Quantitative Textual Analysis of Plutonic Systems
  • Kelsey Rients (Joseph Peterson, Geology), Frequency of Facial Lesions on Tyrannosaurid Skulls
  • Elizabeth Bannenberg (Andrew Redington, Art), CAD to Completion: Transformation of Digitally Rendered Furniture to Reality
  • Melanie Boone (Colin Long, Geography), Millenial-Scale Fire History from Little Cultis Lake, Central Cascades, Oregon
  • Ryan Conklin (Dana Merriman, Biology and Microbiology), Seasonal Mitochondrial Activity in the Retina of an Obligate Hibernator
  • Amanda Doherty (Eric Hiatt, Geology), Chemical and Biological Alteration of the Tropical Land Snail Poecilozonites sp. Shells
  • Vanessa Jagodinsky (Michael Beitz, Art), Advanced Rubber Mold Making and Casting for Sculpture
  • Sarah Keaton (Andrew Redington, Art), Exploration of Previous Models, Using CAD Programs
  • Joseph Knafelc (Chad Deering, Geology), Caldera Forming Magmatism: Crystal Accumulation in Large, Upper Crustal Silicic Magma Chambers
  • Krista Kroeninger (Eric Hiatt, Geology), Biogeochemical Processes in Marine Sediments Associated with the Peru Margin Oceanic Upwelling System
  • Natalie Kubicek (Louis Chicquette, COEHS), Trifold Assessment and Early Childhood Development
  • Thomas Kuborn (Kevin Crawford, Chemistry), Purchase of a Standard for Carotenoid Identification
  • Phillip Nickols (Robert Sipes, Kinesiology), Reliability of Using Mobile Applications to Measure Balance
  • Tammy Nisbet (Sabrina Mueller-Spitz, Biology and Microbiology), The Role of Deinococcus Species in the Fox River
  • Fauzia Osman (Teri Shors, Biology and Microbiology), Antibacterial Screening of Medicinal Plants
  • Audrey Riechers (Michael Beitz, Art), Metaphor Though Material
  • Jordan Van Ahn (April Spivack, COB-Management and Human Resources), The Impact of the Built Environment of Animal Shelters: An In-Depth Exploration of Two Fox Valley Shelters
  • Andrea Felton (Toivo Kallas, Biology and Microbiology), CpcB Knockout Mutation in Synechococcus PCC 7002 Cyanobacteria