Alignment of Governing Ideas

The alignment chart portrays how the ideals of UW Oshkosh’s Governing Ideas start with a strong core — our mission, vision, values and strategic direction — and radiate out to the units’, colleges’ and institution-wide strategic plans, processes, priorities and action initiatives, including the UW System Strategic Framework, Advantage Wisconsin.

We call the mission, vision, values and strategic directions the Governing Ideas of the University to reflect the conviction that a university should be guided by ideas. Plans, procedures and strategic action initiatives are the means to realize these ideas and to enhance the future success of the state’s businesses, residents and students in the decade ahead.

The horizontal distinctiveness of the institution — its national reputation for sustainability, service as a catalytic community collaborator and leadership in the transformation of general education — along with its vertical distinctiveness college-by-college and division-by-division are included in the University-wide strategic action initiatives.

onionThe alignment of the complex and interrelated human, physical and financial resources and Governing Ideas of the institution with the Advantage Wisconsin framework helps to clarify priorities and identity as well as to ensure the institution’s integrity.

As the chart indicates, we are engaged in supporting a collective agenda by preparing students with the integrative learning skills, multicultural competencies and practical knowledge needed to succeed in and contribute to a rapidly changing, increasingly global society.

Learn more about values, strategic directions and key operational plans and process by viewing the Governing Ideas Flow Chart for Web.