The Faculty Senate recently adopted the following plan and purpose statement related to assessment. The full University Assessment Plan can be found on the Provost’s website. All assessment activities are guided by this plan.

Overview of the UW Oshkosh Assessment Plan

The UW Oshkosh Assessment Plan describes assessment of student learning in all undergraduate and graduate programs including the University Studies Program and University-wide data. The plan divides assessment processes and reporting into three major areas: 1) University Studies Program, the general education program at the University, 2) undergraduate and graduate academic programs, and 3) University- wide assessment. Each of these processes is a part of university governance processes. Several assessment methodologies are used to assess student learning. The Assessment Plan is developed in compliance with the UW System assessment guidelines and the criteria of the Higher Learning Commission.

Purpose of Assessment

The general purpose of assessment is to improve student learning and to inform evaluations of the curriculum or programs through the collection of data about student learning and student experiences. This can be accomplished by: 1) exploring the relationship of student learning and the educational experiences offered by the University; 2) gathering evidence about student learning so that we know what and how students are learning in our programs including the University Studies Program; and 3) using the results to create appropriate responses to our programs. The campus uses an inquiry approach to assessment that involves posing questions and analyzing data about the learning process. Assessment is grounded in the identification and definition of learning outcomes. Faculty members and academic staff plan educational experiences, identify methods for assessment, determine the timeline for data collection, analysis, and reporting and use the data to make informed program responses. Assessment is guided by the following practices:

  1. Assessment of learning reflects the University mission, vision and strategic priorities.
  2. Assessment includes a wide range of educational experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom that influence student learning.
  3. Assessments are developmental in nature and reflect learning over time.
  4. Explicit learning outcomes are foundational to the assessment process.
  5. The assessment process is collaborative and involves the entire university community.
  6. The scholarship of teaching and learning is foundational to the assessment process.
  7. Reports about assessment results are shared among the university community.