Our ultimate objective for students is the attainment of wisdom ...
to live sensibly, sensitively and successfully. — Richard H. Wells, Chancellor
From the Chancellor

National publications and rigorous rating systems prove it: We have earned a reputation as a beacon for sustainability in higher education. Our commitment to operational efficiency, renewable energy and environmental stewardship is highly regarded. We are a national leader.

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Highlights and Facts

At UW Oshkosh, students, faculty and staff come together to form a distinctive institution that prides itself on engaging people and ideas for common good. Our University Highlights, including Facts and Points of Pride, are some of the many achievements that set us apart.

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Meet UW Oshkosh

More than 13,900 students, more than 82,000 alumni and 1,700 faculty and staff fuel the University. Get to know them beyond the classroom as well as their passions, teaching excellence and success stories. Meet excellence and opportunity. Meet UW Oshkosh.


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