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Field Biology Course at UW OshkoshOur groundbreaking University Studies Program, a redesigned general education program launching in fall 2013, prescribes small learning communities, student peer-and-alumni mentors and an array of high-impact courses and community experiences that dovetail with the signature questions and topics a 21st Century student must explore in sustainability, cultural awareness and civic engagement.

Grade-point average is but one measure of students’ success. This new program is built upon better teaching, better learning and the expectation that students demonstrate and document their mastery and application of essential learning outcomes in “ePortfolios.” They will question, explore and connect. They will chronicle how they have applied their general education to think analytically and strategically, to examine, dissect and confront the issues of the day and to solve problems.

Through required community experiences, or Quests, students will support after school programs, food pantries, shelter providers and other agencies, organizations and initiatives sustaining communities. As their education and experience strengthens, so will our state’s future.


UW System grant helps move University Studies Program forward

Lori Carrell knows first-hand the amount of intellectual and creative effort that has gone into reinventing general education requirements at the university level.

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh communication studies professor and director for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is co-leading the development of the innovative redesign of general education requirements – the University Studies Program (USP).

The USP is innovative and aimed at being high-value and high-impact for students. And come fall 2013, students coming into and graduating from  UW Oshkosh will benefit from a different kind of general education. This summer, UW Oshkosh’s landmark USP earned another tremendous endorsement when it was awarded a three-year, more-than $400,000 UW System institutional grant – “Promoting Student Success through Curricular Reform.” It will help support USP development and implementation over the next three years.

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Michael Wolf in the College of NursingLandmark ‘University Studies Program’ earns key Faculty Senate nod

Pardon the pun, but there is little to nothing “old school” about the “University Studies Program” (USP).

The sweeping and innovative redesign of how the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh offers a high-value, high-impact general education is designed to take student learning to a new plateau. And it is going to become reality in fall 2013.

The groundbreaking USP proposal earned the nearly-unanimous approval of UW Oshkosh’s Faculty Senate on March 13. It is the culmination of months of collaborative work by the members of the institution’s academic community, who developed a landmark framework for general education at the University, following general guidelines set forth by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U). With Faculty Senate approval, the USP framework’s big ideas, concepts and questions now segue into a roughly year-and-a-half long implementation process. Faculty and staff training, course selections and student and community education are all necessary for the program to hit the ground running in fall 2013.

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