Facilities Master Plan

During 2012, the Facilities Management Department successfully engaged a workload that was both challenging and rewarding. During the year, the department managed $59 million dollars worth of work in design and $52 million dollars in construction. Significant projects in design include the renovation of Lincoln Hall, the renovation of Clow/Nursing Education buildings, the development of the Intramural Recreation Complex and the development of a new Alumni Welcome and Conference Center. Significant projects in construction include a new residence hall, Horizon Village, the interior renovation of the field house in the Kolf Sports Complex and the renovation of the downtown hotel.

A challenging portfolio of projects awaits in the upcoming year. Many of the projects in design will transition into the construction phase. The River Center, a former food service facility, will be demolished in order to make way for the construction of the Intramural Recreation Complex. The renovation of Lincoln Hall will begin and convert this former public grade school into an administrative complex and early learning center. Finally, the Alumni Welcome and Conference Center will be constructed during the next 12 months.

All of these projects will continue the transformation of the physical environment of the campus into a vibrant, engaging “great, good place.”

  • Completed the construction of the $34 million new residence hall, Horizon Village. The facility features suite-style housing that was previously unavailable on campus. The project was designed to LEED Gold standards and features a hybrid geo-thermal heating system and a green, vegetated roof.
  • Invested $100,000 in various landscaping improvements throughout the campus. This included a major overhaul of landscaping around Oviatt House, Dempsey Hall and Albee Hall.
  • Hired an Energy Manager to focus specifically on the development and implementation of projects designed to cut or curb energy and resource consumption.
  • Completed a $1.5 million renovation of the field house in the Kolf Physical Education Complex. The scope of work included the replacement of bleachers, new track flooring, painting, and resurfacing and re-striping of the basketball court.
  • Broke ground in October 2012 on the $12 million Alumni Welcome and Conference Center. This project is designed to replace the conference space lost due to the flooding of River Center in 2008. In addition to conference space, the facility will house the Foundation office, satellite office spaces for various uses and shared meeting spaces for the building occupants.