Key Operational Plans

Academic Program and Student Success Plan
UW Oshkosh updated its Academic Program Plan to reflect changes in programs, academic initiatives and changes in institutional priorities. Subsequently, governance groups and administrative groups reviewed and approved the plan. Ultimately, the Board of Regents approved the UW Oshkosh Academic Program and Student Success Plan at its October 2010 meeting. During the last academic year, the University advanced its work to reform general education through campus discussions about liberal education reform grounded in research and the understanding that liberal education outcomes are essential for student success in an increasingly global society. Read more.

Facilities Master Plan
The Facilities Master Plan summarizes various facilities planning documents into one concise reference for use by senior campus administration. The relevant supporting documents include the Campus Master Plan, the Campus Development Plan, the Long Range Maintenance Plan, the Campus Parking Plan, the Residence Life Master Plan and the Space Use Plan. Read more.

Information Technology Plan
The Information Technology Plan focuses on the use of information technology in support of teaching, learning and administrative support services. Technology has become an integral part of teaching, learning, research and most administrative support services. IT provides an infrastructure for interaction, investigation and collaboration. Information Technology can be a transformative agent that not only enhances traditional modes of teaching and learning, but also enables new methods of teaching and learning. Read more.

Advancement and Relationship Development Plan
The Advancement Key Operational Plan improves the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s financial stability and external reputation via a series of initiatives, including the cultivation and enhancement of strategic relationships and management of the institution’s messaging and brand. These efforts will continue to significantly improve the fiscal stability of the University and redefine communication efforts to impact stakeholder and constituent perceptions. Read more.

Inclusive Excellence Plan
Inclusive Excellence is the umbrella framework under which the UW System and its institutions will move forward in coming years to address strategically equity, diversity and inclusion beyond the 2008 Plan. The central premise of Inclusive Excellence holds that UW System colleges and universities intentionally need to integrate their diversity efforts into the core aspects of their institutions—including academic priorities, leadership, quality improvement initiatives, decision-making, day-to-day operations, and organizational cultures—in order to maximize their success. Read more.