From the Chancellor

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is a power source, a knowledge-power source. This campus community’s teaching, learning and research mission, and the 13,500 students, 1,700 staff and the more-than 80,000 alumni united in it, are the embodiment of an educational, socio-cultural and economic engine.

Together, we serve as a catalyst in community collaborations with public and private partners that not only improve the city, region and state we live in but also annually supply it with thousands of well-prepared, career-ready graduates who have started giving back even before they have earned their degrees.

We are a national leader in sustainability. With every day, our campus community finds new and deeper ways to plug into renewable energy and improve operational efficiency, driving us further toward carbon neutrality and the ultimate educational effectiveness and value. We are stewards of the earth and all its resources. And while we make greater strides toward sustainability, we share the knowledge we gain with our neighbors, be they city halls or Wisconsin family farms.

We have also taken a pioneering position in the reinvention of general education and in the preparation new generations of prepared, engaged contributors – the artists, engineers, scientists, social scientists, teachers, journalists, nurses, entrepreneurs and innovators that our democracy needs to thrive. We not only imbue them with knowledge, but we guide them on quests to become better family members, better neighbors, better members and leaders of our workforce and economy and better local and global citizens.

UW Oshkosh is, without a doubt, in so many ways, a knowledge-power source like no other.


Chancellor Richard H. Wells


Richard H. Wells, Chancellor
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh