The University participates in national assessment endeavors such as the National Survey of Student Engagement and the Collegiate Learning Assessment. During the 2009-2010 academic year, the University administered the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA). Freshman and senior students were tested as either a part of a class or on a volunteer basis on a two-year cycle. In spring 2011, the University administered the National Survey of Student Engagement, a measure of the educational environment and academic challenge, to freshman and senior students.

The Faculty Senate Committee for the Assessment of Student Learning provided feedback to departments and programs regarding the effectiveness of their assessment plans. This committee reviews program assessment plans to ensure the alignment of assessments with program learning outcomes and the interpretation and use of assessment results for possible curriculum reform. The committee also sponsored workshops for departments to engage in discussion about their assessment plans. The programs were encouraged to select assessments that represent a range of student experiences, including milestone assessments at entry, midpoint and program exit. The committee will collaborate with the Liberal Education Team to identify specific assessments for general education outcomes.