Student Compact

The Student Compact has seen significant growth this past year, which has culminated in the grand opening of the Student Success Center (formerly known as the Elmwood Commons). The five primary units receiving differential tuition funding are now permanently housed in the Student Success Center:

Significant accomplishments have been made in each of these units. The Center for Academic Resources has significantly increased the number of tutors and supplemental instruction sections available to students. The Counseling Center has expanded its use of MAP-Works to include four administrations (one transitional and three check-ups), along with increased training for users to better guide incoming students through their freshman year. Academic Advising has implemented several new initiatives to identify and support students at-risk academically including MAP-Works, and Intrusive Advising Plan, campuswide Early Alert program, and a centralized academic standing process. In its efforts to focus on Inclusive Excellence, the Writing Center saw a significant increase in students of color using its services. The Reading Center has increased its student participation by more than 200 percent since the beginning of Differential Tuition funding.