Polk Library

With significant input and feedback from students, Polk transformed its website to provide an easy-to-use and complete library experience online. To accomplish this goal, the site became more of a Web presence in students’ academic lives to help them accomplish their studies. Some of the new features are:

  • More dynamic, less static content. The library gives students streams of information about new books, videos and library services. Current information changes daily not only on the websites main page but all through the site.
  • Content where students are. The library feeds content to where students are working on the web. If students are working in the courseware management system, the student portal, the university mobile application or some academic departments’ Web pages, the library is pushing relevant content and information to those platforms.
  • Complete workflows for students. To provide a full library experience, the website is providing more services for students that they can start and complete on the web. For example, the library created GroupFinder where students cannot only find out what group study rooms are available in the library, they can book them and send a message to their study group partners that a room has been reserved for them.
  • Integrate discovery. Websites, especially library sites, can be a collection of multiple silos of information that force students trying to locate information on a single topic to search many different parts of the website. The new library Web presence now makes it much easier to find most relevant information on a topic from a simple search box.
  • Feedback and development. The library seeks and receives continuous feedback from students on enhances and needed new services. These comments are taken seriously and will be a part of future web efforts.

To learn more, visit Polk Library website.