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Participating in the Understanding the Next Generation MOOC


A MOOC is a Massively Online Open Course. Some MOOCs use a confined management platform like Coursera or EDx, others -- like this one -- do not. We will be distributing the discussion across a variety of platforms. It will be helpful to have a Google account to participate in this course. This MOOC is not an official UWO course, but is a professional development experience to help educators better understand the Next Generation Science Standards.  It is free, open, and does not grant UWO credit.

:::> Watch this great video about how to be successful in a MOOC.



The MOOC is designed around a series of six modules.  The "instruction" in each module is based on a learning cycle approach -- (1) a task to explore or engage with the topic, (2) tasks to build knowledge of the topic, and (3) tasks to apply the topic. Tasks include asynchronous discussion, video, and tasks related to reviewing and reflecting on documents and your teaching.

Asynchronous Discussion Forum

This MOOC uses a discussion forum based on the Google Group NGSSwi.  The discussion forum is embedded into this website. You may need to "join" the group in order to post - and a delay may occur if your request needs to be approved.  There are over 300 people registered for the course, so there may be a high volume of posts! Please try to follow the provided guidelines related to how to write your subject line!


NOTE: If your school blocks Google Groups, you will not be able to participate in the discussion at school...



Using Twitter is NOT required to participate in this course!

If you use Twitter, you can participate in NGSS related chats. This video describes how to participate in a Twitter Chat. Note - not all of the participants in a Twitter Chat are enrolled in this course!

#NGSSchat will be held Wednesdays at 7:00 Central from April 16 - May 22.  The chat topics will coincide with module topics.

You can also Tweet about NGSS throughout the week.  Use the #NGSS or #NGSSchat hash tag.

Fred Ende facilitates the #NGSSchat and maintains an archive here.



I will also host a weekly chat on Wednesday evenings, starting on April 24th. Participating in the live chat is NOT required to participate in this course!

Chats will be held on Wednesday (April 24 - May 22) at 8:15 PM Central.  The chat room is here.

It is Your Course!

This is a free and open MOOC.  I know that you are busy!  My intent is to provide resources for NGSS and a "space" for you to have interactions with other science educators.  You have control over how much time you commit and you can continue using the resources and forum outside of the scheduled "live" times.

You do not have to do everything... Use the resources in ways that best fit you.  They can work as individual self-study or as part of your professional learning community.  You can also reuse and "remix" these materials without getting my permission as long as it is for educational and non-commercial purposes.  I only ask two things if you reuse or remix  (1) please let me know how you are using them and (2) Please give credit to


Let me know if you have questions!

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