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Learning Groups are small groups of first-year students who meet weekly with an upperclassman to learn about college success, academic skills and leadership development.

All first-year students in the SSS program will be assigned a Learning Group based on their class schedule. Weekly attendance is required to be in the program.

Mission: To build an engaged community of first-generation learners who actively learn from peers about themselves, college life and how to be successful and engaged students.


Learning Group Spring 2015 Schedule

Note: All Learning Groups meets in the Lower Level of the Campus Center for Equity and Diversity.

STEM Learning Group
Leaders: Alyssa Valentyne and Gerhard Stuewer
Time: Tuesdays 3:45pm-5:45pm

Tuesday Learning Group
Leaders: Kiana Suhling and Miranda Burt
Time: Tuesdays 4:45pm-6:45pm

Wednesday Learning Group #1
Leaders: Brooke McCanna and Kiana Suhling
Time: Wednesdays 5:15pm-7:15pm

Wednesday Learning Group #2
Leaders: Annie Lewis and Keyra Price
Time: Wednesdays 5:30pm-7:30pm


What are the benefits of being part of Learning Groups?


learning group wordblast


What past students said about being in Learning Groups:

  • "The group helped me connect with people because I don't live on campus."- Chelsea Chown
  • "STEM has helped me make friends and the tips we got in the meetings were SO helpful. I am glad I joined STEM!" - Annie Lewis
  • "Global Citizens bring such a variety of individuals together to help each other through their first year of college. I have become more aware of social issues to become a better global citizen." - Jessica Perch

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