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First Year Scholars Program (FYS)



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What is First Year Scholars?

First Year Scholars (FYS) is a program funded by Great Lakes Educational Services, that is designed specifically for first-generation* college freshmen here at UWO. Our students are part of the FYS program for one year, and are then assisted with transitioning to an advisor in the UARC. Our hope is to make each student’s first year on campus as enjoyable as possible, by providing appropriate individual support with the transition from high school to college. As a program, we operate to assist our students reach their maximum academic potential and personal goals, while offering encouragement, information, and individualized support. We do this in a number of ways:

  • Academic Advising to assist with course selection- once in fall and once in spring

  • Weekly Learning Group meetings led by upperclassmen

  • Weekly Peer Educator Review Sessions (PERS)

  • Personal support and drop-in appointments

  • STAR report tutorial- once in fall

  • MAP-Works assessment explanation and interpretation- once in fall and once in spring

  • Opportunities to ask staff and upperclassmen a variety of questions

  • Individualized student success plans

  • Homework help and personalized academic assistance

  • A chance to meet new people and connect with peers

  • Study Abroad & National Student Exchange guidance

  • Help with Financial Aid & financial literacy

  • Referrals to campus resources, departments, and clubs/organizations, as needed

  • D2L,Titan Web, and Titan Jobs support, as needed

  • Scholarship application assistance

  • Book Stipends ($200 per semester to buy books, totaling $400)

*neither parent/ guardian has a four-year degree

How do Learning Groups work?

In addition to attending advising appointments, participants will be divided into five groups, of roughly 12 to 25 students. These groups will be guided by upperclassmen who have been through the FYS (or similar) program. Learning Groups will meet once per week, for a two-hour session. The leaders will mentor the freshmen participants, helping them to be successful in their first year at UWO. To do this, a different topic will be covered each week (i.e. stress relief, time management, professional communication, and more). Staff from the Reading Study Center will also guide a few tutorials each semester.  The second hour of the group session is reserved for doing homework in a focused environment.


How do Peer Educator Review Sessions work?

Our Peer Educator Review Sessions (PERS) are designed to supplement student learning in difficult courses. Students are placed into a weekly PERS group, where they will meet with 6-14 students who share a common class, and one upperclassmen peer-mentor who previously completed and did well in this course. In these sessions, students will review a variety of things for this particular course. This class is determined by staff at the Center for Academic Resources (CAR) and First Year Scholars. Typically, these courses are those that have been identified as being more difficult for first year students (i.e. Comm 111, Business 198, Biology 105, Psychology 101, etc.). Each week, information will be covered such as course content, difficult concepts, exam prep, and more. Students have the opportunity to ask questions, and have concepts clarified for them. The group dynamic provides an excellent atmosphere for peer-based learning, and affords students the opportunity to bounce their ideas and concerns off one another.

If students attend all the meetings with their advisor, all of the learning group sessions, and all of the PERS groups, they will earn a $200 stipend to spend on textbooks for spring 2014, and then again for fall 2014.

What are the benefits of FYS?

The benefits of FYS are never ending!  Through academic advising, Learning Group sessions, and PERS Groups, the FYS staff members work to prepare students for not only a successful first year, but also for the remainder of their college careers.  Please feel free to contact any one of the staff listed below with questions!


If you qualify and are interested in the program, please print off the application found here: FYS Student Application to fill out and hand in to the Mulitcultural Education Center. (The MEC is located in between the Blackhawk parking lot and Taylor Hall, across from Albee.)


Are you interested in being an FYS Learning Group Leader? Please take a look at the position description and the FYS Learning Group Leader Application found here: FYS Leader Application to print off and hand in to the FYS office in the MEC..


FYS General Contact Information

MEC 201 & 204


Meet the FYS Staff!

Emmy Marvin, Academic Advisor/Success Coach

emmy_marvinEmmy advises students in the College of Business, College of Letters and Science, and Undecided students. Emmy is a 2012 alumna of UW Oshkosh. She completed her Bachelor’s degree here, with a major in Human Services Leadership, and minor in Communication. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree here at UWO in the Professional Counseling program, with an emphasis in School Counseling. Emmy enjoys working particularly with first-generation college students, as she is one herself. Emmy finds it rewarding to be part of each student’s individual process to discovering more about themselves, while excelling in the educational and professional realm.

Contact Emmy at


Danny Zamost, Academic Advisor

Danny advises students in the College of Education and College of Nursing degrees.  Danny graduated from UW Stevens Point in 2011, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree.  He majored in Sociology, and minored in Psychology . Danny is also currently pursuing his Master’s degree here at UW Oshkosh in the Professional Counseling program, with an emphasis in School Counseling.  Danny enjoys working with first-generation college students, as he is one himself.  Danny looks forward to be a part of student’s growth as an individual and in their professional development here a UW Oshkosh.

Contact Danny at

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