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Allen, David T., Vincent M. Torres, James Thomas, David W. Sullivan, Matthew Harrison, Al Hendler, Scott C. Herndon, Charles E. Kolb, Matthew P. Fraser, A. Daniel Hill, Brian K. Lamb, Jennifer Miskimins, Robert F. Sawyer, and John H. Seinfeld. 2013. "Measurements of methane emissions at natural gas production sites in the United States." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 16 September. [PDF] [critique 1] [critique 2] [critique 3 (by Joe Romm)] [news story in The New York Times]

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Mooney, Chris. 2014. "Why the Scientific Case Against Fracking Keeps Getting Stronger. Anthony Ingraffea argues that fugitive methane emissions turn natural gas from a climate benefit into yet another strike against fossil fuels." Mother Jones 15 August. [podcast discussion with Anthony Ingraffea

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  • "The gasoline-driven technologies have somewhat higher damages and GHG emissions in 2005 than a number of other fuel/technology combinations. The grid-dependent electric options have somewhat higher damages and GWP than other technologies, even in our 2030 analysis, in large measure due to the continued conventional and greenhouse gas emissions from the existing and likely future grid at least as of 2030." (2009:155)

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