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  • A review article that concludes: "...the main themes that define the field, the concept of integrated management of human, social, and ecological systems and of the engineering and policy studies that support and enable them, are the true crosscutting subjects that unify the field...". (p. 19543)

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  • "...sustainable development is ... the progeny of the free market – the means by which corporations may appropriate the environmental agenda to one focused on growth and maintaining the social relations of capital."
  • "... corporations have long known that, to appropriate and manage an agenda that calls into question the basic paradigm of capitalist business, it is vital to work at institutional level, through powerful administrative coalitions between business organizations themselves and between business and government. This has not gone undetected. In the years immediately following UNCED (1992) and the exhibition of corporate power at that forum, the ability of executive cliques to appropriate and contain or subvert the agenda of sustainable development was clearly revealed (see, for example, Korten, 1995; Beder, 1997; Welford, 1997)."

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