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Sustainability Science "probes interactions between global, social, and human systems, the complex mechanisms that lead to degradation of these systems, and concomitant risks to human well-being. The journal provides a platform for building sustainability science as a new academic discipline which can point the way to a sustainable global society by facing challenges that existing disciplines have not addressed. These include endeavors to simultaneously understand phenomena and solve problems, uncertainty and application of the precautionary principle, the co-evolution of knowledge and recognition of problems, and trade-offs between global and local problem solving.

The journal promotes science-based predictions and impact assessments of global change, and seeks ways to ensure that these can be understood and accepted by society. Sustainability Science creates a transdisciplinary academic structure and discovery process that fuses the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. 

  • Definition: "Sustainability is defined as dynamic stability in global, social, and human systems and their interactions over time. Sustainable science is characterized by two important objectives. One is to integrate the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities by means of a holistic approach. And the second is to address pressing global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and poverty issues, particularly in developing countries."

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