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Brodsky, Emily E. and Lia J. Lajoie. 2013. "Anthropogenic Seismicity Rates and Operational Parameters at the Salton Sea Geothermal Field." Science 341(6145):543-546. [PDF]

Ellsworth, William L. 2013. "Injection-Induced Earthquakes." Science 341(6142):12 July. [PDf]

Ellsworth, William L., Jessica Robertson, and Christopher Hook. 2013. "Man-made earthquakes." USGS Blog, Science Features, 12 July. [news story in ScienceDaily]

Keranen, Katie M., Heather M. Savage, Geoffrey A. Abers, and Elizabeth S. Cochran. 2013. "Potentially induced earthquakes in Oklahoma, USA: Links between wastewater injection and the 2011 Mw 5.7 earthquake sequence." Geology March 26. [PDF] [related news story]

van der Elst, Nicholas J., Heather M. Savage, Katie M. Keranen, and Geoffrey A. Abers. 2013. "Enhanced Remote Earthquake Triggering at Fluid-Injection Sites in the Midwestern United States." Science 12 July:164-167. [abstract] [press release] [news story in Mother Jones] [news story in ScienceDaily]

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