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Brown, Ellen. 2018. "The Bayer-Monsanto Merger Is Bad News for the Planet." TruthDig 3 April.

  • "The Trump administration has already approved a merger between former rivals Dow and DuPont, and has signed off on the takeover of Swiss pesticide giant Syngenta by ChemChina. If Monsanto-Bayer gets approved as well, just three corporations will dominate the majority of the world’s seed and pesticide markets, giving them enormous power to continue poisoning the planet at the expense of its inhabitants."

  • "Russian families are showing what can be done with permaculture methods on simple garden plots. In 2011, 40 percent of Russia’s food was grown on dachas (cottage gardens or allotments), predominantly organically. Dacha gardens produced more than 80 percent of the country’s fruit and berries, more than 66 percent of the vegetables, almost 80 percent of the potatoes and nearly 50 percent of the nation’s milk, much of it consumed raw."

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  • "Given the range of conditions under which smallholders conduct agriculture and the limited success of formal breeding over the last 70 years in Mexico, it is unlikely that commercialtype breeding would become a successful strategy. Instead, Mexico should recognize, and incorporate into breeding, the diversity of traditional and local knowledge on shaping and adapting cultivars. For this, public policies should be shifted to better support informal breeding, and to focus formal breeding Frontiers in Plant Science | www.frontiersin.org 4 February 2018 | Volume 9 | Article 209 fpls-09-00209 February 19, 2018 Time: 17:40 # 5 Mastretta-Yanes et al. CONABIO’s Initiative on the smallholders’ needs and adaptation to local conditions. For this, landraces should be incorporated as the base material of breeding programs, instead of only as donors for elite materials (Comisión Nacional para el Conocimiento y Uso de la Biodiversidad [CONABIO], 2017)." (pp. 4-5)

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Then, Christoph. 2010. "Genetic Engineering Enforces Corporate Control of Agriculture: The Introduction of Genetic Engineering (GE) in Plant Breeding Has Been Accompanied by the Expansion of Patent Monopolies." Greenpeace, Amsterdam. [PDF] [related article (PDF)] [related news article] [related video part 1] [related video part 2]

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