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Spangenberg, Joachim H. and Josef Settele. 2010. "Precisely Incorrect? Monetising the Value of Ecosystem Services." Ecological Complexity 7(3):327-337.

Spangenberg, Joachim H. and O. Bonniot. 1998. Sustainability Indicators: A Compass on the Road towards Sustainability. OECD, Paris. [PDF]

Spangenberg, Joachim H., Alexis L. Beaurepaire, Erwin Bergmeier, Benjamin Burkhard, Ho Van Chien, Le Quoc Cuong, Christoph Görg, Volker Grescho, Le Huu Hai, Kong Luen Heong, Finbarr G. Horgan, Stefan Hotes, Anika Klotzbücher, Thimo Klotzbücher, Ingolf Kühn, Fanny Langerwisch, Glenn Marion, Robin F.A. Moritz, Quynh Anh Nguyen, Jürgen Ott, Christina Sann, Cornelia Sattler, Martin Schädler, Anja Schmidt, Vera Tekken, Truong Dao Thanh, Kirsten Thonicke, Manfred Türke, Tomáš Václavík, Doris Vetterlein, Catrin Westphal, Martin Wiemers, and Josef Settele. 2018. "The LEGATO cross-disciplinary integrated ecosystem service research framework: an example of integrating research results from the analysis of global change impacts and the social, cultural and economic system dynamics of irrigated rice production." Paddy and Water Environment 16:287-319.

  • Note: although the paper stresses the environmental (global change impacts) social, cultural, and economics in the complex system, the political is also stressed in the constricting solutions to problems. Hence, the paper indicates five dimensions in this system dynamics analysis, thereby implicitly rejecting the triple-botton line and the three dimensional model of sustainability.

Spangenberg, Joachim H., Christoph Görg, Dao Thanh Truong, Vera Tekken, Jesus Victor Bustamante, and Josef Settele. 2014. "Provision of ecosystem services is determined by human agency, not ecosystem functions: Four case studies." International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management 10(1):40-53. [abstract]

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Spath, Pamela L., Margaret K. Mann, Dawn R. Kerr. 1999. Life Cycle Assessment of Coal-fired Power Production. NREL/TP-570-25119, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado. [PDF]

Spear, Laurinda. 2010. "My Miami with Laurinda Spear: Ballet Valet Parking Garage & Retail Center." (A vertical garden concept covering a parking garage.) [video] [brief description

Spehar, Stephanie. 2011. "Human Dimensions of Wildlife Conservation (Anthro/Env Stds 368 syllabus)." University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. [PDF]

Spehar, Stephanie. 2011. "Why Teach Sustainability?" UW Oshkosh.

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