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Townsend, Patricia K. 2009. Environmental Anthropology: From Pigs to Policies, Second Edition. Waveland Press, Long Grove, Illinois.

Trainer, Ted. 1990. "A rejection of the Brundtland Report." IFAD Dossier 77(May/June):71-84.

  • Abstract. "The paper examines the Brundtland Report, Our common future, submitted to the World Commission on Environment and Development. The discussions of particular problems on the environment, energy, resources, industry and development contained in the report are examined. It is argued that the Brundtland Report is a regressive document which reinforces the belief that growth and affluence are necessary to solve problems related to the environment. Although it offers a valuable documentation on these problems, the report fails to identify the fundamental causes of the problems and as a result it puts forward solutions which are the direct opposite of those required. It is a conventional statement that argues for continuation of the same basic values, systems and strategies, which are the very roots of the problems to which the report was intending to offer solutions." (p. 71)

Trainer, Ted. 2007. Renewable Energy Cannot Sustain a Consumer Society. Springer, Dordrecht. [related paper by author (PDF)]

Trenberth, Kevin E. 2009. "Geoengineering: What, How and for Whom." Physics Today February:10-12. [PDF]

Trenberth, Kevin E. 2009. "An Imperative for Climate Change Planning: Tracking Earth’s Global Energy." Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability May:1-18. [PDF]

Trenberth, Kevin E. and John T. Fasullo. 2008. "The Energy Budgets of Atlantic Hurricanes and Changes from 1970." Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 9(9):Q09V08. [PDF]  [related news story and video]

Trenberth, Kevin E., J.M. Caron, D.P. Stepaniak, and S. Worley. 2002. "Evolution of El Niño-Southern Oscillation and global atmospheric surface temperatures." Journal of Geophysical Research 107:AAC 5-17.

Treuhaft, Sarah and Allison Karpyn. 2010. The Grocery gap: Who has access to healthy food and why it matters. The Food Trust, Philadelphia and PolicyLink, Oakland. [PDF]

Trieb, Franz, Christoph Schillings, Stefan Kronshage, Dr. Uwe Klann, Dr. Peter Viebahn, Nadine May, Regina Wilde, Christian Paul, Malek Kabariti, Abdelaziz Bennouna, Hani El Nokraschy, Samir Hassan, Laila Georgy Yussef, Tewfik Hasni, Nasir El Bassam, and Honorat Satoguina. 2005. Concentrating Solar Power for the Mediterranean Region. Final Report. German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of Technical Thermodynamics, Section Systems Analysis and Technology Assessment. Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Stuttgart, Germany. [PDF]

Tripp, Robert. 1996. "Biodiversity and Modern Crop Varieties: Sharpening the Debate." Agriculture and Human Values 13:48-62. [abstract]

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