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The Guardian. 2010. "BP Oil Spill." The Guardian.

The Lancet. 2012. "Global Burden of Disease Study 2010." Special issue of The Lancet 380(9859).

The Sustainability Review "communicates sustainability challenges, developments, and opportunities through reporting, analysis, opinion, and art/visual media. We are an online journal edited and published by graduate students at Arizona State University and hosted by the university’s School of Sustainability."

The Trumpeter: A Journal of Ecosophy "is an environmental journal dedicated to the development of an ecosophy, or wisdom, born of ecological understanding and insight. As such, it serves the deep ecology movement’s commitment to explore and analyze philosophically relevant environmental concerns in light of ecological developments at every relevant level: metaphysics, science, history, and politics. Gaining a deeper understanding involves a comprehensive set of criteria that includes analytical rigor, spiritual insight, ethical integrity, and aesthetic appreciation."

The Urban Institute. 2013. "The Racial Wealth Gap in America" (short video). The Urban Institute 25 March. 

Then, Christoph. 2010. "Genetic Engineering Enforces Corporate Control of Agriculture: The Introduction of Genetic Engineering (GE) in Plant Breeding Has Been Accompanied by the Expansion of Patent Monopolies." Greenpeace, Amsterdam. [PDF] [related article (PDF)] [related news article] [related video part 1] [related video part 2]

Thierry, Guillaume. 2016. "Neurolinguistic Relativity: How Language Flexes Human Perception and Cognition." Language Learning 66(3):690-713. 

Thirgood, S.J. and M.F. Heath. 1994. "Global Patterns of Endemism and the Conservation of Biodiversity." Pages 207-227 in P.L. Forey, C.J. Humphries, and R.I. Vane-Wright (eds.), Systematics and Conservation Evaluation. Clarendon Press, Oxford.

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Thomas, Evert, Ina Vandebroek, Sabino Sanca, and Patrick Van Damme. 2009. "Cultural Significance of Medicinal Plant Families and Species among Quechua Farmers in Apillapampa, Bolivia." Journal of Ethnopharmacology 122(1):60-67.

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