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What to do in an emergency?

Call 911 or campus security at (920) 424-1212 for any life threatening or serious injury.

What is your injury evaluation and treatment policy?

The athletic training room policy for evaluation and treatment of injuries will be on a scheduled basis. Taping and simple health care procedures will also have designated times. Student-athletes involved in, in-season sports will be given first priority. It is impossible to get you on the field or court if you come in right before practice is to begin. The athlete is expected to arrive early enough to complete the entire treatment program and/or taping before practice begins. Treatment will not be an excuse for being late for practice. Failure to come for treatments by an injured athlete will be interpreted as the individual’s unwillingness to cooperate with little desire to return to competition. These individuals will be reported to the coach.

To whom should I report my injury?

You should notify your team's certified athletic trainer of any injury occurring during practice or event time. In order to better serve our athletes, it is necessary to report all injuries independent of their severity. If you do not know who your certified athletic trainer is, you may stop by the Kolf Athletic Training room to be evaluated during athletic training room hours.

What happens after my evaluation?

After a certified athletic trainer has evaluated your injury, he/she will make a determination of the need for referral to a physician. If a referral is warranted, our team orthopedic physician will provide you with orthopedic care. This will occur on campus once per week. Referrals to other physician's will be made on an as-need basis. If a referral is not necessary, you will be provided with a treatment and rehabilitation protocol by a certified athletic trainer. All athletes have a right to see another physician outside of the UW Oshkosh network as long as an athlete sees a certified athletic trainer and team physician first. This process is done to maintain better communication, thus providing better quality of healthcare to the athlete.

In need of an evaluation after athletic training room hours?

If the injury is of an emergent nature, you should seek medical attention at an emergency room or urgent care facility. If you are having difficulty walking or functioning normally you should visit your family physician or walk-in clinic for care. Many muscle or bone injuries will benefit from the following: rest, ice, compression, elevation, protection, and support. If possible, avoid using the affected area as this may cause further aggravation.