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The Best Sociology Metasites

“Everything is on the Internet. Some of it just isn’t there yet.” (Grzyb’s Observation)

If we tried to list all of the web resources of interest to sociologists, it would be a long list indeed, and we’d just be repeating the work already done by others. Those others have created several excellent metasites (aka megasites or online indexes or directories) chock full of links to all of the goodies out there. On them you’ll find links to the major sociological associations, sites devoted to major theorists, lists and sites of sociology departments around the globe, survey data resources, and much, much more. You could spend days, weeks, or months wandering around the various links. Just pick a metasite when you’ve got a moment, and do a little surfing. You’ll be amazed!

SocioSite, maintained at the University of Amsterdam, is one of the oldest and most comprehensive metasites. Go there to see just what a metasite can be.

The SocioLog, “Julian Dierkes’ Comprehensive Guide to Sociology Online”, is another great site. Julian’s favorite sites (a link on the homepage takes you to the list) help you find the most useful sites.

Open Directory Project
sociology page is another excellent and comprehensive guide.

The Socioweb and A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace are two other sites I’ve found useful in the past.

These sites overlap considerably. Put them together, and you’d probably have well over 95% of the sites of interest to most sociologists.


Sociological and Other Associations of Interest

The primary general association of sociologists in the U.S. is the American Sociological Association. Its website is mostly oriented toward the practicing sociologists who constitute the majority of members, but there is an entire section of the site for students, with information on careers in sociology.

The primary regional association for sociologists in Wisconsin is the 1200-member Midwest Sociological Society. There are also numerous associations devoted to the various subfields of sociology, and the metasites listed elsewhere are the best guides for finding them.

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