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What can you do with a BA/BS in Sociology?

If you stop to think about it, most of the jobs requiring college degrees are not associated with a particular college major. Sure, many accountants have accounting degrees, and even more nurses have nursing degrees, but who is in that vast majority of jobs that don't have associated majors in college catalogs? The biggest group is "liberal arts graduates", and sociology majors are in that group (along with history majors, English majors, and many others). The American Sociological Association notes, however, that sociology majors have an advantage: "knowledge of key social factors and a firm grasp on research design and methods."

Well, that's nice. But what do you actually do with a Sociology major? Having a wide variety of choices can either be very liberating or a bit discomforting, whether the choice involves new cars, potential relationship partners, or careers. Regardless, the truth is that the range of occupations held by people who majored in sociology is very wide indeed.  You can see it in the occupations of people who graduated with sociology majors from UW Oshkosh. Ours is far from the largest sociology department, and our graduates probably are not a representative sample of all sociology graduates, but even in that relatively small group, you'll be struck by the diversity of occupations held by our graduates. It isn't much of an exaggeration to say they are everywhere!

Occupations Held by UW Oshkosh Sociology Graduates

25% of our graduates have also gone on for a graduate degree, including one M.D., several lawyers, and a half-dozen Ph.D.s in sociology.



  • Executive Director - Appleton Downtown, Inc.
  • Field Supervisor - Wisconsin Department of Corrections
  • Business Owner - Developer of Shopping Malls and Skateboard Parks
  • Probation and Parole Agent - State of Wisconsin
  • High School Counselor - Pioneer Westfield High School
  • Director, Clinical Services - Behavioral Counseling Services
  • Production Supervisor - Meritor Automotive
  • Police Officer - Appleton PD
  • Senior Mental Health Counselor - Waukesha County
  • Senior Market Research Analyst - Appleton Paper
  • Director of Human Resources - River Hills Healthcare Center
  • Dean of Students - St. Ambrose University
  • Marketing Promotion Coordinator - Krause Publications
  • Social Studies Teacher - Racine Unified School District
  • Executive Director - Kenosha County Historical Society and Museum
  • Vice President for Investment - A.G. Edwards
  • Foster Care Coordinator - Lutheran Social Services
  • Planner/Scheduler - Kohler Corporation
  • Vice President - Birchwood Lumber & Veneer

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