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Katie Davis- 2002 graduate

Katie Davis

APRIL 18, 2008 - I will be graduating next month from UW Madison with a Master of Science degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a Master of Public Affairs degree.  I will also be getting married on May 31.  In June, I will begin work as a full-time Legislative Analyst for the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau doing program evaluation for the state legislature. Tell Dr. Grzyb and Dr. Stark I say hi!





Alison Egnoski (Michels)- 1999 graduate

I am a third grade teacher in Fond du Lac.  I graduated with BA in Sociology in 1999, but went back to UW-O and got BSE in 2002.  Got my master's in reading from UW-O 2006.


Amy Denissen- 1995 graduate

Amy Denissen received a June 2006 Ph.D. from UCLA, following an M.A. from Syracuse in 1997. Dr. Jerry Stark and Dr. Gerry Grzyb were invited guests at a reception for her in the summer of 2006. She is currently an assistant professor of sociology at California State University Northridge (one of the largest public universities in America). She lists her main interests as gender, social psychology, qualitative methods, and work.


Kathleen Abrahamson

Kathleen Abrahamson

Kathy Abrahamson (nee McGinnis) received a Ph.D. in Sociology from Purdue in 2007. Dr. Grzyb and Dr. Stark had lunch with her, and found she has led an interesting life (including getting an R.N.) since leaving the friendly corridors of Swart. Kathy Abrahamson

Her dissertation title is "Role Expectations, Conflict, and Burnout among Nursing Staff in the Long Term Care Setting". It examines the influence of conflict between residents' families and nursing staff in nursing homes, with an emphasis on conflicting role expectations. (She notes that as primary group members, families tend to want individualized care, while staff, as workers in a formal organization, have competing role demands for efficiency). She is doing a post-doc at the U of Iowa in healthcare implementation research with the Veterans Administration as a Health Services and Delivery Fellow. Her fondest memory at Oshkosh was the seminar in Marxism with Dr. Grzyb. She says "I look back on my preparation in comparison to the undergrad experience at a larger school, and feel fortunate to have had the amount of individualized attention that I did."

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