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Field Education

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The Bachelor of Social Work program offers field placements as part of Social Work education. The placements give students the opportunity to use the training they have received so far to develop skills as a social worker under the supervision of an experienced Social Worker.

Near completion of the 300-level courses, the student submits a formal application for admission to the Field Practicum. Please consult with the Department for an admission application packet. The application materials are to be completed and turned into the Department Office, Swart Hall 230 by the announced due date. Only those who are formally admitted will be permitted to enroll in the 400-level courses.

View the NASW Code of Ethics.

Application for Admission to Applied Generalist Practice is now CLOSED.

Please submit your completed Background Information Disclosure form (BID) , along with the $10 check or cash fee to Swart Hall 230 on Thursday, April 2, or Friday, April 3 by 4pm.

BSW Field Coordinator

Amy F. Williams

For questions relating to BSW Field, please contact

BSW Field Documents

For Students

For Agencies

  • BSW Field Interest (Survey for those interested in supervising students within the BSW program.)
  • UWO BSW and MSW Program Memorandum Each Agency is asked to read, sign, and submit a copy of this Program Memorandum prior to placement of UWO BSW or MSW Students.
  • Agency Expectations of Students
    Each Agency is asked to provide a list of expectations for students prior to their placement with that Agency.
  • Agency Description Form
    BSW Field Agencies are asked to complete this form every year so BSW Students can be matched with the Agency that best fits the students professional goals and needs.
  • Agency Evaluation of Program
    An evaluation of the Social Work program by the field placement agencies where the BSW students are placed.
  • Agency Field Instructor Resume
    BSW Field Instructors are asked to provide a resume to the BSW Program every year before a student is placed with their Agency.

Orientation Materials

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