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Closed Class/Wait List Policy

Information for Pre-Social Work students seeking entry into closed classes

Students who are not able to enroll in SW 167, SW 220 and/or SW 298 can be placed on a wait list. To be placed on the wait list, contact the Social Work Advisor Colleen Hansen at hansenc@, or call (920)424-7179.

Social Work students unable to enroll in  the required prerequisites during the academic year will be given priority enrollment for any available online summer sections (SW 167 and SW 220). Students are encouraged to meet with the Social Work Advisor in order to ensure they are on-track to apply to the BSW Program during the Spring semester and advised of possible alternatives to the gateway classes.

All 300 and 400 level Social Work courses are restricted to Social Work majors accepted into the BSW degree program. All students accepted into the program will have a seat in these classes. If a desired section/grouping is full at the time of registration, students are advised to seek out a peer who is willing to switch sections. Class sizes are fixed in accordance with accreditation policy best practices.

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