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The Social Justice Minor gives students an opportunity to develop a secondary field of knowledge and expertise that will enable them to

  • critically examine the values that constitute social justice in theory and practice,
  • understand the principles of effective social activism, and
  • formulate and evaluate policies that seek to address issues such as racism, violence, literacy, human rights, gender equity, gender expression, poverty, hunger, and conservation of the environment.


This minor will benefit students who seek a career in any aspect of public service, including government, law, medicine, social work, non-profit organizations, advocacy work, clergy, medicine, and education as well as those students who wish to engage themselves in the important issues and ideas surrounding social justice and diversity. Students in any major who are interested in devoting some of their energy to organizations that further the goals of social justice will find this minor a solid foundation for a lifetime of community activism.


 UW Oshkosh listed as "5th Greenest" university and noted for its environmental and social justice areas of study on


Social Justice Week 2017

Planning is about to begin for Social Justice Week 2017!  This event will cover many important topics with discussion sessions on homelessness, global warming, and fair trade.  We will share additional information as it becomes available.


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