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Exhibit Information

Exhibitor information

Exhibit Booth: Each space will be provided with an 8' draped table, two chairs, exhibitor sign and waste basket.  Booth space will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Exhibit space is limited so please make your reservations early.

Exhibit/Sponsorship Fees:

$20,000 and up Level One  (includes vendor space, 6 full registrations, event of choice sponsorship*)
$13,000  Level Two  (includes vendor space, 4 full registrations, lunch sponsorship*)
$10,000  Level Three  (includes vendor space, 4 full registrations, breakfast sponsorship*)
$ 8,000  Level Four  (includes vendor space, 3 full registrations, break sponsorship*)
$ 5,000  Level Five  (includes vendor space, 2 full registrations)
$ 2,500  Level Six  (includes vendor space, 1 full registration)
$ 1,000  Level Seven (includesvendor space, 1 vendor badge; does not include conference registration)

If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor, please contact Chris Deiuliis, program manager.

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