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How to add classes to your signup sheet

If you already have a signup sheet, here's how to add classes/sessions/groups to it.


It may help to think of the way a signup sheet is related to a "day" object and how a "day" object is related to a "time slot" object:

  • One signup sheet (for all the Counseling Center's needs) contains:
    • a day object for each day you've got a workshop / training session / group discussion planned
      • within each day object you've got one or more time slot objects, each representing that day's workshop / training session / group discussion

Add a Day

First, log into this site, then navigate to your signup sheet on this site.

You will see something like this:


view of an almost empty signup sheet 


If you click on the "add new" drop down, you can choose to add a "day".  


form to add a Day object 


I selected April 25, then pressed the Save button.  The result is this:


 after adding a Day object


Add a Time Slot

and now I can click "add new" and choose to add a "time slot":


 form to add a Time Slot object


You need to set a start and end time (eg. 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm), provide a name (eg. "EAP discussion group Faculty & Instructional Academic Staff"), set a capacity, and check the box if you want to allow a waiting list.  Then press Save.

 after adding a Time Slot object


Add More Time Slots to a Day

If you already have a Day object for the day in which you wish to add a Time Slot, don't create another Day object for that new Time Slot; just reuse the existing Day object.  To see all the Day objects already within your signup sheet, click the signup sheet's "contents" tab:

"contents" tab view of a signup sheet, showing its Day objects


Then, when you click on one of the existing Day objects, you'll see:

the "contents" tab view of an existing Day object

and, as above, by clicking on "add new" you can add a Time Slot object.

Add Multiple Days or Time Slots ("Cloning")

If you need to add several similar days to your signup sheet, use the Clone tab.

For example, if you have already set up a Day containing multiple time slots and would like to have four more days just like it, click the Day object's Clone tab, and specify that you want to clone it 4 times. Each cloned day will be set for the next calendar day.

You can do the same for time slots during a day: you can clone a time slot as many times as you wish, and the times for the cloned time slots will follow the times of the day.

A Good Strategy for Cloning

A good strategy for using the cloning feature is to create the first day of your signup sheet, complete with all the time slots it needs (by cloning time slots within that day, as necessary), then clone the day object as many times as you need.


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