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Portfolio Requirement

The portfolio is a collection of projects or assignments that reflect the knowledge, skills, and abilities that students have acquired throughout their time majoring in HR at UW Oshkosh. Click here to see the portfolio requirements that each HR major prepares in Bus. 462 - HR Topics. HR majors will begin to develop a Portfolio of their course work by including one class assignment that is “portfolio-ready from each of their HR courses (BUS 352, BUS 362, BUS 363, BUS 364). The Portfolio will be collected and reviewed in the BUS 462 course. The Portfolio will not be graded in the BUS 462 course—instead, portfolios will be reviewed by practicing HR professionals. [Note, however, that HR professors may choose to collect and grade a subset of portfolio-ready assignments (i.e., revised) for specific HR courses.]



A growing trend in the Human Resources Management (HRM) field is the use of portfolios to showcase personal accomplishments. Used mainly in the screening/testing/hiring process, employers often ask if applicants have a portfolio of their work. Portfolios are effective ways to demonstrate written skills and completion of various projects that reflect HRM experience and knowledge.



Showcasing Personal Accomplishments

Each HRM faculty member who teaches one of the following courses will require one project that is portfolio-designed (one per semester taught) in BUS 352, BUS 362, BUS 363, BUS 364, BUS 462.
The HRM faculty member will grade and/or provide comments and recommendations. Students will be required to revise this project based on professor comments and recommendations. Students’ revised project will graded for quality of revisions.


The HRM faculty member who teaches BUS 462 will:

1. arrange for a team of community professionals to review portfolios.
2. ask for student volunteers who wish to have their portfolio evaluated.
3. provide community professionals’ assessment to the HR Assessment Coordinator.


The portfolio will consist of one (1) project from each course. Potential projects (to be determined by the HRM faculty member in a given semester) include:

Course Project

BUS 352 – OB/HR Interviewing/Job Analysis Conflict Resolution

BUS 362 – Compensation Wage Survey Critique Benefits Package
and Benefits Merit Pay Program

BUS 363 – Employee Collective Bargaining Agreement Labor Market Analysis
Relations Arbitration Decision Initial Bargaining Proposal
Evaluation of Discipline Policy

BUS 364 – HR Corporate Strategic Plan/HR Plan Selection Exercise
Staffing/Development Forecasting HR Needs Affirmative Action Plan
Behavioral Description Interviews
Performance Appraisal Form/Process

BUS 462 – HR Topics Critique of Safety Training Program Job Hazard Analysis
Self-Development Plans HRM Topic – Final Report


Portfolio-ready refers to an assignment that is completed to the best of the student’s ability. Professors often provide feedback during a semester on assignments. Students should consider redoing assignments and/or correcting assignments based on this feedback. The professional presentation of the student’s work includes an executive summary, table of contents, and consistent formatting/type (across assignments).


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