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About Our UWOSHRM Executive Board

Our Executive Board consists of seven members who are elected each semester prior to the last week of classes. The chapter is advised by a faculty member in human resources management and a Student Liaison from the Fox Valley Chapter. Together these individuals are responsible for setting goals for the upcoming semester and ensuring that the transition between semester goes smoothly so continuity in leadership is maintained. Any paid member of UWOSHRM is eligible to run for an Executive Board position.

Jared Holewinski
Jared Holewinski is a junior majoring in Human Resource Management. This is his third semester in SHRM and his second on the Executive Board. Jared also serves as Oshkosh Student Association Representative for Rainbow Alliance for HOPE and is an inducted member in the National Society for Leadership and Success.

Serves as the chief executive officer of the chapter, presides over all meetings, calls executive meetings as needed, works closely with the chapter advisor in coordinating projects, maintains relations with other COBA organizations, is the liaison between the Student Chapter and the national organization and the Parent Affiliation chapter, stays current on developments in the field, demonstrates leadership in all chapter projects, and acts as a representative and liaison to UW Oshkosh for the Student Chapter. The President will further be responsible for overseeing the development of the Community Service Committee.


Sarah Meier
Sarah Meier is a senior in Human Resources and Marketing. This is her third semester in SHRM and first semester on E-board.

Presides as Chairperson in the absence of both the President and the President-Elect, keeps documentation for merit award and completes merit award application. The Vice-President will be responsible for coordinating the end-of-semester banquet, including selecting a menu with prices, communicating this information to the members, finding donations for prizes, and hosting the banquet.


Susan Curtis
Susan Curtis is a senior majoring in Human Resources Management. This is her third semester in UWOSHRM and her first semester on the executive board. She plans on graduating May of 2010.

Records the proceedings at all Student Chapter and Executive Board meetings, maintains the points system (tallies each member’s points, prints certificates, obtains gifts/donations from local businesses), initiates the Outstanding Service Award (establishes scholarship committee, informs candidates of eligibility), and creates surveys for club events. The Secretary will also be responsible for making a mid- and semester-end report on Merit Points to the Executive Board and overseeing the development of the Newsletter Committee.


Kimberly Ginther
Kimberly Ginther is a senior majoring in Human Resource Management. She plans to graduate spring of 2010. This is Kim's 2nd year in SHRM and 1st on the Executive Board.

Records the financial information for the Student Chapter, reviews budget reports, handles related matters, writes checks for all chapter expenses, keeps the Student Chapter informed of the financial condition when requested, attends the Student Allocations meetings, completes Student Allocation forms, coordinates the sharing of financial data with the club advisor, oversees the development of the Fundraising Committee, creates member nametags, updates new member database, and prepares monthly financial statements and presents them to the Executive Board.


Jacqueline Charapata
Jacqueline Charapata is a Junior majoring in Human Resource Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. This is her second semester in SHRM and first semester on the Executive Board.

Arranges guest speakers for the Student Chapter meetings, coordinates visits and tours with area businesses, writes follow-up thank you letters, purchases gifts for all guest speakers, maintains the resume day/mock interviewing program, coordinates the resume book for the chapter, and will assist the chapter in maintaining positive relations with area business people through a networking role.


Amanda Stobb
Amanda will be graduating with a major in Human Resource Management this spring. It is her first year on the Executive Board and third year as a SHRM member. This summer she interned at Adecco Staffing Agency and the Center for Community Partnerships.

Solicits new members during the course of the semester, is responsible for arranging members to speak with classes at the beginning of the semester to inform them of our meetings, maintains distribution lists of the members, distributes messages via e-mail, maintains positive relations with all of the Student Chapter members, arranges the publicity for the meetings, and is responsible for keeping the SHRM bulletin board up-to-date.


Jessica Stini
Jessica Stini is the Campus Recruiter at Plexus Corp. She has 5 years of recruiting experience and is a UW Oshkosh Alumni. Jessica also has her PHR (Professional In Human Resources) and CIR (Certified Internet Recruiter) certifications.

Acts as a liaison between the Fox Valley SHRM Chapter and the UW Oshkosh Student Chapter of SHRM. Attends meetings when possible and communicates information between the two chapters. Assists in coordinating shared activities between the two chapters.



Sarah DeArmond
Sarah DeArmond is an Assistant Professor of Human Resources Managementat UW Oshkosh. She is currently teaching the undergraduate Essential of HR and Staffing courses. Dr. DeArmond has a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Colorado State University.

Advises Chapter Officers on all issues related to the club. Attends meetings and communicates information between students and faculty. Oversees transition of Executive Boards. Acts as a liaison between the College of Business Administration and the UW Oshkosh Student Chapter of SHR

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