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UWO SHRM is the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh's student chapter of the National Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). SHRM is the world's largest association dedicated to human resources management with over 170,000 professional members and 55,000 student members. We are proud to be affiliated with SHRM and sponsored by the local Fox Valley Chapter of SHRM.


To appropriately support and represent the greater Society for Human Resource Management organization.


To advance the professional growth of our members through internship opportunities, job shadowing experiences, projects, and other club activities. To build and maintain relationships between students and the professionals within our community through the same means. To promote a positive image within the University and our larger community while performing various community service and fundraising activities and to raise ethical awareness among members both by example and forums such as ethical panels and discussions.

Semester Goals

Know all members’ names
Bring member nametags and SHRM flag to every meeting and professional event
Recruit 15 new paid members
Create folders for new members
Distribute folders to paid members
Plan and coordinate at least two social events
Continue to solidify Mentor Program
Post Top Ten Members
Highlight members in newsletters
Keep record for the Rookie Award to be presented at the banquet for most active new member

Network with COBA organizations and help them develop
Send three members to every FV SHRM meeting
Build relationships with FV SHRM
Invite FV SHRM President/President Elect to UW-Oshkosh SHRM event
Attend one meeting for each COBA organization
Plan an event with another organization
Plan a social event with FV SHRM
At least 2 members attend another student chapter meeting
Coordinate and host the WI State Student SHRM Conference and HR Games

Report relevant current events to members
Implement a PHR Action plan
Coordinate Job Shadow month Plan a company tour
Conduct Professional Development Day
Send letter to five people in state, local or national government on HR issue
Forward internship and job openings to members

Bring internship announcements to meetings
Print something about SHRM in a local or pertinent publication
Maintain/update web site
Print three newsletters
Compile Merit Award application
Prepare a list of recommendations/requirements for Merit Award application
Complete end-of-semester merit award report for incoming e-board
Keep a record of volunteer hours/activities
Keep a record of money raised for nonprofit organizations
Submit financial report to e-board
Submit financial report to members
Monitor SHRM budget
Brainstorm fundraising ideas
Analyze SHRM cash flow


Our by-laws are updated every November.

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