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Chemical Demonstration Shows

A senior member of the Science Outreach Office with at least one teaching assistant will engage students in a fun-filled exploration of science demonstrations. Using both chemical and physical interactions, students will be introduced to the concepts of chemical indicators; relative particle size and reaction rates; physical changes in the size, shape, and position of matter; along with several other chemical changes related to catalysts, polymers, acids/base etc. Several students will be selected from the audience to participate in some activities. Although chemical magic may be suggested by the students as answers to why certain changes occur, the instructors will explain at a very elementary level, the changes that matter is undergoing during each demonstration. Shows last about 45 minutes.


Within 50 miles of campus: $225 for one show or $275 for two shows (same school)

Outside 50 miles of campus: $275 for one show or $325 for two shows (same school)

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