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What You Can Do

Reaching out to a student and 'noticing' changes in his or her behavior will have a profound effect on the student. Acknowledge to the student that you notice he or she is distressed and you are concerned. Let the student know you are willing to look at options that could help him or her.

  • Request to see the student in private.
  • Briefly describe your observations and perceptions of the student's situation and express your concerns directly and honestly.
  • Listen carefully to what the student is troubled about and try to see the issue from his/her point of view without necessarily agreeing or disagreeing.
  • Be direct in letting the student know that you believe counseling would be of help in this situation.
  • Inform the student that the Counseling Center is both confidential and free of charge.
  • Don't force the issue if the student takes a defensive posture — simply restate your concerns and recommendations.
  • If the student is receptive, you can suggest that he/she call for an appointment at (920) 424-2061. You may even offer to contact a counselor and provide background information.
  • If the situation seems urgent, you can call and request to speak with the staff member on call.
  • Strange and inappropriate behavior should not be ignored. The student can be informed that such behavior is distracting and inappropriate.
  • At times, in an attempt to reach or help a troubled student, you may become more involved than your time or training permits. Involve yourself only as far as you are able to go. Always consult and refer.


Who You Can Contact

  • If you have concerns about a student's emotional state, call the Counseling Center (920) 424-2061 for consultation.
  • If you have concerns about a student's disruptive behavior or discipline concerns, contact the Dean of Students Office (920) 424-3100.
  • If you believe a student may need a coordinated response, or you don't know how to proceed, please call SARRT (920) 424-2061.
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