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UW Oshkosh AED Locations



BuildingLocation Description
1 3rd Street Grounds Shop

Near Main entrance to grounds building (adjacent to Grounds office)

2 Albee Hall

1st floor, next to elevator and outside lower gym

3 All Residents Halls

 Main entrance lobbies 

4 Arts & Communications

1st floor, right outside Music Hall

5 Blackhawk Commons

2nd level dining room opposite of main entrance

6 Campus Services Center

Near the break room / Outside main conference room

7 Center for Equity and Diversity

1st Floor near elevator

8 Clow

1st floor, near lecture pits

9 Clow Faculty

Lower level near elevator

10 Dempsey Hall

2nd Floor, next to elevator and cashiers window

11 Frederich March

Near front entrance to theatre

12 Gruenhagen CC

Near front desk

13 Halsey Science Center

1st floor, south wing near Medical Technology

14 Harrington

1st floor, Elmwood entrance

15 Kolf

Lower level, near the elevator and lower level gyms

16 Nursing Education

1st floor, in old telephone booth in hallway between L&S and Nursing

17 Nursing Education

4th floor near the restrooms

18 Polk Library

1st floor, by circulation desk

19 Reeve Union

1st floor, near Titan Card Desk

20 Sage 1st Floor (2)

Inside main entrance door / around corner from Stair 1904 across from room 1208

21 Sage 2nd Floor (2)

Top of Center stair; top of Stair 2904

22 Sage 3rd Floor (2)

Across from 3rd floor lounge; top Stair 3904 

23 Sage 4th Floor (2)

Across from room 4002; across from room 4224

24 Student Health Services

Next to main reception desk on 1st floor

25 Student Rec & Wellness (2)

1 each on the first and second floors, near the elevators

26 Student Success Center

Across from elevator at the center stairway

27 Swart

1st floor, main entrance hallway/south wing near Math Dept.

28 Titan Stadium

North Classroom next to exterior entrance

29 University Police(2)

Campus station or squad cars

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