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Internship Stories

The Radio-TV-Film Internship program gives our students the ability to receive college credit from regional, national and international media organizations. We believe that the internship experience is a critical part of our curriculum and gives our students important networking opportunities and industry exposure.

TLC LogoMarie Watkins, RTF Major-2011 Grad – TLC Internship
From Steve Behnke/TLC Cable Channel/Los Angeles:

Marie was integral in hunting down the footage, as well as searching for music.  Her involvement went a step further as she participated in the edit sessions to help create this video. The video turned out to be a huge success; garnering over 40,000 views online.
 Another main project Marie  handled is managing all of our TLC Pop culture clips.  This entails finding and recording anytime a TLC talent/series appears somewhere on television.  We have a station setup that Marie operated recording the clips and transferring/logging them into Quicktime files.  While seemingly menial, this is an extremely important task, as we use these clips to create sales videos.  While not difficult, it takes a detail-oriented person like Marie to handle the quantity of these elements.  It's because of her competence that we'll be hiring her as freelancer to occasionally come into our office and manage this. 


As is clear from above, we were thrilled to have Marie  with us this summer.  We're excited to continue working with her, and think she has a bright future ahead of her.



Strata StudiosRyo Hata, RTF Major-2011 Grad – Strata Studios Internship
From Brad Crawford/Strata Studios/Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:

Ryo was a huge asset to the production. In the first week of filming we completed 16 interviews, this included travel all over Tokyo with a fair amount of equipment.  Ryo gladly helped pack and transfer the equipment from location to location and had the presence of mind to pick up on small important details such as noticing when batteries or memory cards were getting low and assisting the crew with these items in hand prior to them being requested. 

Ryo would take it upon himself to prepare the lighting and camera equipment to the best of his ability upon arriving at each new location. His quick assessment of what needed to be done showed his ability to learn quickly and adapt to our unique work-flow and he was able to easily grasp how our equipment all worked together without a significant amount of time to study it beforehand.

 Ryo was always easy-going and well mannered and cordially spoke with all of our interviewees. Much of the talent in the film took a liking to (him) and his eagerness to meet, talk and learn was always greeted with enthusiasm from our guests and ourselves. 

In closing, the aid of a young and talented man like Ryo greatly increased not only the overall production quality of the film but also the morale of the crew and interview subjects. Even while facing the challenges of working in a foreign country with newly acquainted individuals, Ryo rose to the occasion and represented himself and his school very well. Strata Studios and its crew would gladly welcome Ryo to any production.


Callie SmithCallie Mills, RTF Major, I Love Chile Radio Internship
From Daniel Brewington/, Chile:

Callie came to us at a strange time in our company. We were moving to a bigger office, unexpectedly, which Callie was the only intern that showed up to help us move. Once we landed in our new office we had problems with our internet service provider which makes it difficult to work. The reason I mention these issues is to highlight that no matter what the challenge or situation, Callie was there and working hard doing her best job. You do not find many people, regardless of age, that adapt to the environment and just make things work like Callie did during her internship in Chile. 

Callie came to I Love Chile and took our failing newscast and turned it around.  From the scripts to the editing Callie was able to see what was working and what wasn't as well as bring out the best in everyone working on the project. Her abilities in script writing dramatically improved the ILC newscast and within one taping the presenters were commenting on how much smoother and easier the scripts where to read. 

Callie's abilities in editing improved our newscasts so much that our advertisers emailed me to tell me that they are proud to sponsor the news. Callie's editing skills took our newscast to the next level. We have received comments from schools to government officials all saying that the I Love Chile Newscasts is amazing. This is not something we heard before Callie started working on the project. 

In short, Callie has skills plain and simple as that and I hope she continues in the TV/Film industry. 

If I I had the option to hire her right now I would without questions, would give her a blank check to do any project she wanted. She is the type of person that will make a program popular and a company successful.  Callie is a person who is NOT easily replaceable. Callie's internship with I Love Chile has forever changed our company for the better and she will be missed but never forgotten. 


Jessica Westlund, RTF Major, WKSZ-FM/WXXM-FM Radio Internship
From Dayton Kane/Program Director WKSZ-FM/WXXM-FM-Appleton, Wisconsin:

I said it at her mid-point review and I'll reiterate it today: JESSICA WAS THE BEST INTERN WE'VE EVER HAD. She was consistent, intelligent, punctual, friendly, a quick learner... basically think of good words and they probably apply to her. She was involved in promotions, events and on-air. She took on boring but necessary projects like organizing our entire audio collection that was in our computer systems onto one master CD back up collection. Jessica helped us write on-air promos, she updated website and database information, whatever we asked, she did it and did it well.  If I had the budget to hire her, I would do so immediately. Please send more of your students my way if they're all as eager and talented as she is.


Kevin SmithKevin Smith, RTF Major, ESPN/LA Internship
From John R. Curtis/ESPN/Los Angeles, California:

It has been a pleasure having Kevin on the Production Operations team at the ESPN Los Angeles Production Center.  We are a 1080P state of the art facility using the very latest tools for network television production.
 Immediately after arriving at the LAPC, Kevin was assigned to our studio staff, checked out and cleared to operate our studio cameras for both domestic and international daily productions. Along with operating camera for the show, Kevin has taken on the responsibility of preparing the studios for productions and was very involved in the pre-production of each show.
I personally have been working in Production at the network level many years and have seen interns that were doing "just enough to get by;" Kevin is clearly not one of these people. Kevin is always on-time or early for work, eager to learn and brings his talents and knowledge to the productions. His enthusiasm and can do attitude should be an example for all interns.

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