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Doug Heil

Office: A/C W113
Phone: 424-3134

M.F.A. in Film, Northwestern University; B.A. in Rhetoric (English), University of Illinois.

Douglas Heil teaches courses in media aesthetics, narrative scriptwriting and film production. He is a recipient of the UW-System Regents Teaching Excellence Award, and at UW Oshkosh, he has been awarded both the Distinguished Teaching Award and the TRISS Endowed Professorship. His book Prime-Time Authorship was published through Syracuse University Press. Essays and creative work have appeared in Writing & Pedagogy  American Indian Culture and Research Journal, Creative Screenwriting, The Pacific Review, Journal of Film and Video, Film & History, and Literature/Film Quarterly. He was writer/producer/director/cinematographer/editor/composer for the short film Learn to Get Along, which won the Silver Award for Best Community Relations Video at the Quasar Awards in New York City. He also was writer/producer for the short film The Story of the Cat, which won over 10 awards and has aired on HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime. Seven songs from his musical Jason & Medea: What Really Happened have received citations at national songwriting competitions. His satire Obnoxious Obfuscation has also received a national citation.

Advice to students: Carefully research your general education course options and your minor options. Make choices based on instructor excellence as well as your own interests and passions. (Look for professors who engage and challenge their students.) Astute selection will provide you with expertise in areas that can help fuel any script or production. Students who use convenience of scheduling or prevailing “buzz” that a course or minor is “easy” often end up regretting their choices.

Favorite Quotes: “We have it within our power to speak to hundreds of millions of people two hours at a time in the dark. No single person before has ever had that power, no emperor, saint, no individual however powerful. We have a tremendous responsibility.” (Frank Capra, in his 1971 autobiography Frank Capra The Name Above the Title.)

“What you do for others will live on. What you do for yourself will go to the graveyard with you.” (Joe Clark, N.J. Principal, in his 1994 speech to UW Oshkosh students)


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