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Core Course Descriptions

  • RTF 110 - Introduction to Radio-TV-Film (1 cr) 

An introduction to the Radio-TV-Film program, including curriculum, policies and procedures, and the internship program. Students will gains the knowledge to be successful as RTF majors/minors, learning how to prepare for life-long careers in the media industry. 7-week course, PASS/FAIL.

  • RTF 114 - Introduction to Media Aesthetics 3 units (crs.) 

The study of conventions and creative strategies through which a mass media communicator expresses thought and emotion. In its exploration of dynamic audio/visual communication, the course will analyze film excerpts, broadcast segments, scripts, art, photography, and influential theory that has impacted production.

  • RTF 115 - Introduction to Media Business 3 units (crs.) 

This course develops an understanding of the industry and business structures of radio, television, film, and new media.

  • RTF 120 - Introduction to Audio/Radio 3 units (crs.) 

This course is designed to cover basic theory and techniques of audio production, as well as introductory radio station practices. The course consists of lectures, as well as studio session featuring equipment demonstrations and production exercises in a professional environment. This course also includes experience on the air at the university’s radio station, WRST-FM.

  • RTF 250 - Introduction to Visual Media 3 units (crs.) 

This course introduces students to basic theory and practices related to visual media, including television station operations, studio and field production, camera usage, and editing.

Prerequisites: RTF 110 & RTF 114 or COMM 151 & COMM 201

  • RTF 260 - Introduction to Post Production 3 units (crs.) 

This course develops skills in editing theories and techniques, while becoming proficient with the Final Cut Studio non-linear editing system.

Prerequisites: RTF 110 & RTF 114 or COMM 151

  • RTF 305 – Theory and Practice of New Media 3 units (crs.) 

This course develops an understanding of the relationship between the traditional media industry and converging new media.

Prerequisites: RTF 110 & RTF 115 or COMM 201

  • RTF 310 - History of Cinema, Radio & TV 3 units (crs.)

This course surveys the history of motion pictures and electronic media, including radio and television broadcasting, and media convergence. Consideration is given to aesthetic, social, economic, and technological perspectives.

Prerequisite: RTF 110 or COMM 201

  • RTF 499 – Outgoing Career Prep 1 units (crs.)

This course will help seniors prepare for a productive career.  PASS/FAIL.

Prerequisites: RTF major or minor with a cumulative 2.5 GPA and 90 or more credits

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