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Capstone Course Descriptions

  • RTF 429 – Advanced Radio Production 3 units (crs.)

This course combines the study and practice of radio feature production. Professionally produced material will provide a foundation for analysis of original student work. Students in the class will produce feature radio pieces, which will air over WRST-FM. The models for these works are feature productions heard on public radio programs like Morning Edition and This American Life.

Prerequisites: Cumulative 2.5 GPA and RTF 120 or COMM 201 & COMM 241 & one of the following: RTF 320, RTF 352, or RTF 370. Special fee: $20.00

  •  RTF 434 - Advanced Narrative Scriptwriting 3 units (crs.)

The study and practice of writing original narrative scripts. Dramatic structure will be analyzed in depth and students will develop an original property, writing and revising its first 45 pages.

Prerequisites: Cumulative 2.5 GPA, COMM 344 or RTF 344 or consent of instructor.

  • RTF 440 – Advanced Visual Production 3 units (crs.) 

This course develops advanced creative and technical skills in narrative and non-narrative production.  Students choose core creative positions (Producer/Director, Cinematographer/Videographer, Editor) on a narrative or documentary film production, television pilot, or multi-cam studio production that will include professional project development, production, and distribution.  Projects and skills required will be a continuation of material developed in Documentary Production, Narrative Production, Television Development, Studio Production, or News Production.    

Prerequisites: Cumulative 2.5 GPA and RTF 115, and one of the following RTF 321, RTF 341, RTF 342, RTF 345, RTF 350, RTF 352 or COMM 305, COMM 306 or COMM 349; Special fee: $20.00

  • RTF 450 – Advanced Theory & Criticism 3 units (crs.) 

This course explores qualitative critical approaches to the study of popular culture, emphasizing film and television. Emphasis will be placed on ideological analysis, poststructuralism, and cultural theory. Students will engage with the theories covered through substantial original research.

Prerequisites: Cumulative 2.5 GPA and RTF 347 & [348 or 349] or COMM 201 or consent of instructor for non-RTF majors

  • RTF 426: Transmedia Design & Production (Spring 2015)

Students in this course will learn how to leverage social media and other web-based platforms to create an integrated, interactive online experience revolving around a singular media property (e.g. an independent film, television series, podcast). The course will cover transmedia methods of content production, storytelling and promotion, paying special attention to the importance of unity of content across platforms. Upon completion of the course, students will have developed, proposed, created, and presented a transmedia experience based on their own media property.

All students are expected to begin the course with either an existing media property or a project for which a significant amount of pre-production has already been completed.

Spring 2015 offering of RTF 426 counts as capstone requirement. After registering for course, see your advisor to complete paperwork to have 426 count as capstone requirement on your STAR report.


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