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Cadet Initial Entry Training Course

Students joining ROTC at the end of their sophomore year, or with two years left towards an advanced degree, attend a four-week basic leadership course during the summer before their junior year.

CIET is a 30-day course taught at Fort Knox, Ky. CIET is a fully paid program that is designed to teach the basic skills required of leaders. This course takes the place of the basic course (first two years of ROTC).  While attending CIET at Fort Knox, KY, Cadets gain an experience that runs the gamut of Army life and the responsibilities of being an officer.  The course instills confidence and decision-making abilities to become a leader, in the Army and in life.  Cadets spend their first few days learning Army basics under the tutelage of drill sergeants.  They also take their first Army Physical Fitness Test, which consists of sit-ups, push-ups and a two-mile run.  Shortly after the course begins, Cadets are introduced to working in a small-group team-based dynamic in activities such as obstacle course to accomplish set goals.

There may be scholarship opportunities available for students who attend and successfully complete the Cadet Initial Entry Training course.

CDT Matthew Gernetzke


Cadet Matthew Gernetzke attended CIET in Summer 2015 at Fort Knox, KY.

In the summer of 2015, CDT Genertzke attended Cadet Initial Entry Training at Ft. Knox, KY. While there, he trained with fellow MS I and MS II Cadets. The month long training included: Rifle Qualification, a Team Development course, CBRN (Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear training), Hand Grenade Assault Course, Land Navigation and Squad Level Field Training exercises. 

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