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Cadet Troop Leader Training

Cadet Troop Leader Training provides Cadets the opportunity to experience leadership in Army units over a three to four week period. Cadets serve in Lieutenant level leadership positions in active duty units.

Platoon Leader positions have three to four week duration depending on the hosting unit and location. Assignments include units that are located in the States and overseas.

Cadets are assigned a unit mentor, and are provided lodging and meals. This program is exclusively designed for MSIII Cadets after completion of CST.

CTLT is conducted at many Army bases nationwide or in the Federal Republic of Germany or the Republic of Korea. This internship program places Cadets in actual Army units acting as real Lieutenants.

This three to five week challenge is a definite learning experience, and allows Cadets to gain a perspective on what they will be facing as future officers. Generally, Cadets are placed in platoon leader positions, leading 30+ soldiers and responsible for millions of dollars of equipment.


CDT Bradley Lichtfuss attended CTLT at Fort Riley, KS in Summer 2015. 

He was privileged to train with 5-4 Cavalry Squadron of the 1st Infantry Division located at Ft. Riley, Kansas. He shadowed an XO (Executive Officer) for the Higher Headquarters Troop (Warhorse Troop) as they prepared for deployment. He also observed many different processes including Preventative Services and Maintenance, construction of a Company METL (Mission Essential Task List), and property book and pack-out inspections and operations.  The most rewarding aspect of this training was the ability to observe and learn from an active Army unit and the knowledge and friendships that were gained in the process.


 Cadet Brandon Ruder attended CTLT at Fort Campbell, KY in Summer 2015

Cadet Ruder completed CTLT at Fort Campbell, KY and was attached to an Engineer Unit, 101st Air Assault Division, 3rd BCT, 21st Engineer Battalion, Bravo Company.  Upon arriving I was assigned to a 1st Lieutenant: 1LT Bagho, Emmanuel.  He taught me the ropes the first couple of days followed by giving me gradually more responsibilities.  I gained experience in everything from writing memos, to supervising construction sites, to planning large scale training operations, and leading a Platoon sized element in day to day activities.  An added bonus to the CTLT program was being able to check out different branches around Fort Campbell.  In my short time there, aside from learning about the Engineers, I was able to observe an Aviation Unit and an Air Defense Artillery unit.

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