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Cadet Kevin Wernet

UW Oshkosh junior and international studies major Kevin Wernet said from early on he knew he wanted to be in the United States military.

Continuing on a family tradition, Wernet joined the Fox Valley Army ROTC Battalion.

“I grew up in a military family with my father being in the Army for fourteen years,” Wernet said. “As I grew older, I become more aware of the Army values and the responsibility associated with the career choice.”

The young cadet said he sees the benefit of graduating as a commissioned officer as the best part of being involved in the Army ROTC at UW Oshkosh.

“When you graduate you will be commissioned as an officer in the best Army in the world,” Wernet said. “If you make it to this point it is my belief that many opportunities are going to be available. Furthermore, you will gain leadership skills that will be required in civilian jobs once you are done with the Army.”

While Wernet’s schedule is similar to most college students, experiences unique to ROTC cadets help prepare him for his future career.

“Twice a week we wear our uniforms for our ROTC specific class and lab where we learn how to be confident leaders,” Wernet said. “During these days our activities range from sitting in a class to crawling through the mud for an ambush.”

Wernet said he enjoys being in the ROTC program so much that he plans on pursuing a career in the military.

“Once I am commissioned, I plan on going into active duty in infantry,” Wernet said. “I want to go through airborne, air assault and other specialty schools—I plan on staying in the Army for life."

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