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View our Spring and Summer 2015 Commissionees

Gideon Bernthal

Gideon Bernthal Photo

Dakota Close

Dakota Close Photo

Travis Elkins

 Travis Elkins Photo

Joshua Giese

Joshua Giese Photo

Dustin Hackbarth

 Dustin Hackbarth Photo

Johanna Jooste

 Johanna Jooste Photo

Sean Mayerbock

 Sean Mayerbock Photo

Adam Reffke

 Adam Reffke Photo

Kayla Samosky

 Kayla Samosky Photo

Heather Schaller

 Heather Schaller Photo

Jordan Schultz

 Jordaon Schultz Photo

Jacob Suenkel

 Jacob Suenkel Photo

Joseph Vandenhouten

Joseph Vandenhouten

Benjamin Wassink

Benjamin Wassink Photo

Christopher Wiesneski

Christopher Wiesneski Photo

Dalton Witalison

Dalton Witalison Photo

Thomas Wollin

Thomas Wollin Photo


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