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Renewable Energy Institute

Access educators, researchers, events and facilities at UW Oshkosh through the Renewable Energy Institute.

Founded on a global vision of advancing excellence in renewable energy technology and sustainability, the Renewable Energy Institute (REI) links companies, communities and academic resources in innovative collaborations.

Living and Learning Laboratories

The REI offers a bridge to UW Oshkosh renewable energy facilities, research and testing capabilities while serving as an objective forum for developing and supporting advancements in renewable energy technologies and overall sustainability efforts.

Use the UW Oshkosh Renewable Energy Institute for...

The Environmental Research and Innovation Center (ERIC) serves as a research and testing center to examine water quality, evaluate organic waste for biogas potential. Learn more about our research and testing services
The UW Oshkosh Renewable Energy Institute is your place for consulting and teaching opportunities, sustainability partnerships and experience for your project. Learn more about how we can help your business or organization.
Businesses, nonprofits, K–12 classes and the public gain renewable energy knowledge through our continuing education opportunities, workshops, seminars, conferences and science camps. Learn more about training opportunities.
Biogas and waste-to-energy research, biodigester financial viability and operator training lead a list of current projects, as well as renewable energy curriculum. View more information about our initiatives and projects.
Our Science Outreach program offers summer camps for students in grades 3–8. Four weeks of camp are held in late July through August. Learn more about our summer science camps.
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